• 09Jun

    We’re making Cozy Grove 2!

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    Hi Scouts! As most of you know, it’s been over a year since we first launched Cozy Grove. Since that time, we’ve released dozens of minor updates as well as four major updates, all of which were free, not including the recent New Neighbears DLC which we also released. It would take dozens of pages to summarize all the changes and improvements in those free updates, but here’s a brief summary of some of the bigger items:

  • 08Jun

    Cozy Grove Summer Update (#2)

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    (Note: if you haven’t already read it, please first read Summer Update #1, which includes lots of important information about new features that we won’t repeat here.)

    Hey Scouts! It’s time to tell you more about what you can expect from the Summer Update. Let’s kick this off with yet another entirely new feature: Stone Skipping! (WIP – audio and vfx are still being finalized)

    Every day, a limited number of mysterious, open-mouthed clamshells will reveal themselves beyond the shore. Find yourself a nice, flat skipping stone, toss it across the water into the clam, and rewards await you!

    Amazingly, these clams are as appreciative of a skillful, many-skip stone toss as we humans, and will more generously reward scouts who manage to sneak in a few extra skips before hitting their target. Different-colored clams give different rewards; some give quartz, some cough up driftwood, and some will reward you with both of those things simultaneously. And on very rare occasion, even better rewards may emerge for a particularly generous clam.

    For those of you who’ve unlocked a certain beach-loving character, you’ll be pleased to note that her recurring quest will no longer involve finding skipping stones, and will instead involve actually skipping stones. 😀

  • 03Jun

    Cozy Grove Summer Update (#1)

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    Hey, fellow Scouts. It feels like just yesterday that we launched Cozy Grove on all platforms, and yet somehow Summer is almost upon us. And with Summer comes something very exciting – our first major (totally free) update to Cozy Grove! While dishing out bugfixes and QoL improvements, we’ve also been quietly working on a bunch of new content and features for you. We’ll be steadily parceling out most of this new content into Beta in the days ahead, and when we’re about to unveil something in Beta I’ll write a little blog post about it, like this. 🙂

    New feature: Critter-catching (WIP)

    Warm weather always brings the critters out, right? Summer felt like the perfect time to introduce critter-catching to Cozy Grove. A whole assortment of crawling and flying critters (with seasonal variation, of course) will now populate the item. You can buy a net from Mr. Kit to catch them – like the fishing rod, it will never break, and like fish, critters will spawn semi-continuously. Mr. Kit is fond of critters and will pay a reasonable amount for any that you catch, and some of the bears will express interest in critters from time to time as well. And of course, they’re collectible!

    Different critters behave differently, and rarer critters are somewhat harder to catch. Happy hunting!