So what’s the story with Spry Fox?

Well, it’s pretty simple. We want to make the world a happier place and we’re using games to do it. We want to help people connect with their old friends and make new ones. We want to give people more ways to express and challenge themselves. But mostly, we just want to give people more ways to have fun and enjoy their lives!


From the Blog

  • 09 Jun

    Hi Scouts! As most of you know, it’s been over a year since we first launched Cozy Grove. Since that time, we’ve released dozens of minor updates as well as four major updates, all of which were free, not including the recent New Neighbears DLC which we also released. It would take dozens of pages […]

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  • 06 Mar

    NOTE: We are no longer accepting applications for this position. We’re looking for a writer who will work alongside our studio’s leadership to flesh out the narrative and write the characters for one of our upcoming nonviolent games. Like Cozy Grove, the story of this new game will be a critical part of what makes […]

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