• 31Oct

    Spry Fox is joining Netflix!

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    Not going to bury the lede: It’s our great pleasure to announce that Spry Fox is joining Netflix, where we will become the sixth in-house games studio!

    What does this mean for Spry Fox? It means:

    • We can continue making the games that we were already making and wanted to make, but with more support and resources to make those games better and bring them to more people around the world.
    • We can stop stressing about how our games generate profit on our games and instead focus exclusively on making them as enjoyable and fulfilling to our players as possible.
    • We can collaborate with other creative people within Netflix to hopefully get better at what we do and how we do it.

    And what does this mean for our existing games? They’ll remain downloadable and available in their current forms on their current platforms. What about development efforts on new games? Everyone at Spry Fox was already focused on making Cozy Grove 2 as well as a larger, non-violent MMO that we still haven’t revealed much about publicly, and that is still the case. So there’s no change in our current development efforts.

    Real talk: we’ve been at this for almost 13 years. It’s been exhilarating, humbling, endlessly interesting and often challenging. We’ve always known that above all else, we wanted our games to bring people happiness. But in other ways, it feels like we only recently figured out what “we want to be when we grow up.” What has become clear over the course of all of our adventures: We are a studio that builds original, world-class cozy games. Especially games that bring people together. And we are confident that Netflix is going to help us do that.

    Thank you to everyone – our fans, our partners, and especially every single one of our past and present team members – who helped us reach this milestone. We remain ever grateful.

    All the Spry Foxes

  • 13Sep

    NOTE: We are no longer accepting applications for this position.

    Spry Fox is looking for a skilled 2d game artist to help us bring to life the sequel to our hand-drawn lifesim game Cozy Grove! We are looking for an artist who brings passionate and thoughtful opinions about the lifesim genre with a body of work that showcases advanced drawing skills and all tastes cute, cozy, and chonky, particularly in isometric perspective. We currently expect that we need at least 6-9 months of your time, possibly more.


    • Creating 2d game art assets such as clothing, decorations, resources and materials, environmental assets, icons, and marketing assets, etc.
    • Adhering to stylistic guidance and working with other disciplines to find creative solutions to systemic design constraints
    • Following workflow and file organization conventions while creating assets
    • Working with producers to track tasks, help scope future work and balance your workload
    • Communicating decisions and tradeoffs to the rest of the team
    • Proactively soliciting and incorporating artistic and design feedback
    • Implementing art in Unity following documented pipeline
    • Assisting with improving and updating the asset production pipeline and maintaining documentation


    • A portfolio with a few samples demonstrating a strong command of bold linework in isometric perspective and color theory.
    • Must be proficient in Photoshop. (Our pipeline uses Photoshop scripts, so the bulk of production art will be created in Photoshop.)

    Desirable additional skills

    • Familiarity with Spine rigging and animation is a plus, but not required
    • Experience using Unity is a plus, but not required
    • Experience using Github and\or a Git client such as Fork or Sourcetree is a plus, but not required.

    What are we offering?

    • Any necessary software licenses
    • Interesting, highly original work in a small, very supportive, and friendly team

    We love to see candidates from under-represented backgrounds. If you think you might fit our needs but aren’t sure, please, don’t hold back! Send us your resume. The absolute worst that could happen is that we’ll receive your email with gratitude and let you know that while this opportunity might not be the best fit for you, others we’ll have in the future could be. Best case, you’ve got yourself a new job with people who are psyched that you took a chance on us. 🙂

    Please send your full resume, portfolio, references, and anything else you think we should see to jobs@spryfox.com.

    Selected candidates will be contracted for a fully paid art test.

    What’s it like working for Spry Fox?

    We strive to be a company that is a pleasure to work for. We hope to be an important but not dominating part of your life. We want you to have friends, family, hobbies, and a life outside of work. We want you to love your colleagues and know that they support you 100%. We want you to be proud of what you do and how you do it.

    We make highly original games. Invention is part of our DNA. You’ll be working on designs that often don’t fit in a comfy genre box.

    We’re fully remote, which means you have the flexibility to work from wherever you like, and in whatever configuration you’d like.

    Spry Fox recognizes that crunch is a negative and counter-productive practice in our industry. Avoiding crunch is a formal and core policy within our company.

  • 09Jun

    We’re making Cozy Grove 2!

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    Hi Scouts! As most of you know, it’s been over a year since we first launched Cozy Grove. Since that time, we’ve released dozens of minor updates as well as four major updates, all of which were free, not including the recent New Neighbears DLC which we also released. It would take dozens of pages to summarize all the changes and improvements in those free updates, but here’s a brief summary of some of the bigger items:

  • 09Apr

    NOTE: We are no longer accepting applications for this position.

    Spry Fox is looking for a lead engineer, experienced with working in Unity, to help us develop a new cozy game! Note: we intentionally keep our teams as small and as experienced as we can, while sticking to a 40 hour work week and avoiding crunch, because we believe small teams accomplish more and are more pleasant to be a part of. This means that you’ll definitely be rolling up your sleeves and writing code alongside all the other engineers at all times, but you’ll also be sharing your wisdom and helping solve our hardest technical problems on a team-wide basis.

    Position requirements. You must:

    • Have at least five full years of professional game development experience, and preferably more
    • Experience shipping at least one commercial games using Unity, and preferably more
    • Be very comfortable working remotely (we’re a virtual studio; everyone works from home!)
    • Speak and write fluently in English
    • Live in a US-adjacent timezone or be willing to work from 10am-2pm PST Monday through Thursday
    • Want to make the world a better place

    While not required, it would be nice if you also:

    • Have any backend (i.e. multiplayer/server) development experience
    • Have interests outside of game development
    • Have shipped several games in your professional career

    What are we offering?

  • 06Mar

    NOTE: We are no longer accepting applications for this position.

    We’re looking for a writer who will work alongside our studio’s leadership to flesh out the narrative and write the characters for one of our upcoming nonviolent games. Like Cozy Grove, the story of this new game will be a critical part of what makes it memorable and impactful. And like Cozy Grove, this game will serve a wide audience that includes adults of all ages, and our narrative will not shy away from challenging topics.

    For this position, we are requiring that candidates have written for at least one shipped, commercial video game or tabletop game, and preferably more. This is not a junior position.

    We welcome candidates from anywhere in the Americas, Europe and Africa (timezone-wise, these locations have proven workable for our studio in the past.) Please note that our studio’s “core hours” are 10am to 2pm Pacific Time, so if you’re based in Europe or Africa, working for several hours during your evening will be a requirement of this position.

  • 21Feb

    NOTE: We are no longer accepting applications for this position.

    We’re looking for a designer to help lead the team working on one of our original, cozy games. As a Game Designer at Spry Fox, you will plan, design, iterate and improve the player experience in our games. You’ll create new non-violent activities, events, quests, narrative moments and joyful secrets. You’ll plan new updates and help set the vision for the player’s long-term journey.

    For this position, we are requiring 4+ years of professional game design work experience on at least 1 commercially-shipped title. This is not a junior position.

    We welcome candidates from anywhere in the Americas, Europe and Africa (timezone-wise, these locations have proven workable for our studio in the past.)

  • 22Nov

    We’re Hiring: 3D Environment Artist

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    NOTE: This position has been filled. We are no longer hiring.

    We’re looking for a Environment Artist who can create vibrant and clean environment assets for a 3rd person, non-violent MMO. You’ll be responsible for creating models and materials for props, buildings, and world assets.

    SC Teaser Image


    • Authoring high quality, appealing environment models for use in a procedurally generated and modularly built world
    • Collaborating with Art Direction to work on cel-shaded, non-PBR assets. A willingness to work with texturing techniques not standard to the industry
    • Implementing your assets into UE4
    • Working with Art Lead to help identify necessary workflow and pipeline improvements
    • Working with designers and developers on a small team to make sure a breadth of content is optimized for performance on multiple platforms
  • 04Oct

    NOTE: This position has been filled. We are no longer hiring.

    In Spry Fox, we think of producers first and foremost as people who facilitate communication between other members of the team and make sure that everyone is on the same page. Producers also help identify exciting opportunities that the team might be overlooking as well as dangerous risks that might be going unappreciated. And last but not least, producers help ensure that we’re not dropping any important balls. Great communication and organizational skills, empathy for others, and an ability to remain and to spread calm are all highly appreciated in this position. If this sounds like you, we’d love to hear from you!

    Requirements (mandatory)

    • You’ve shipped at least one commercial video game as a producer.
    • Strong communication skills that will help you succeed in a remote team environment.
    • Well-developed empathy that helps you connect with your peers across disciplines, relate to our customers, and display mature conflict resolution.
    • You must live within three hours of the Pacific timezone.
  • 21Sep

    We’re Hiring! 3D Character Artist

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    NOTE: This position has been filled. We are no longer hiring.

    We’re looking for a Character Artist who can create vibrant and clean character assets for a 3rd person, non-violent MMO. You’ll be responsible for creating models and materials for player characters, their clothing, wildlife, and creatures for a pro-social, stylized, multiplayer game.


    • Authoring character models for customizable avatars, clothing, NPCs, and creatures both mundane and imaginative
    • Collaborating with Art Direction to work on cel-shaded, non-PBR assets.
    • Implementing your asset into UE4.
    • Working with Art Lead to help identify necessary workflow and pipeline improvements.
    • Working with Animators and developers on a relatively small team (for an MMO) to make sure that content is optimized for performance on multiple platforms.
  • 24Aug

    Hi Scouts!

    The major Fall update for Cozy Grove is now live!

    We had a few goals for this update: tackle some of the more challenging feature requests that the community has been asking for, add content to some of the systems that we think are currently underutilized in the game, add at least one major new activity, and last but not least, add a special Fall limited-time event!

  • 08Jun

    Cozy Grove Summer Update (#2)

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    (Note: if you haven’t already read it, please first read Summer Update #1, which includes lots of important information about new features that we won’t repeat here.)

    Hey Scouts! It’s time to tell you more about what you can expect from the Summer Update. Let’s kick this off with yet another entirely new feature: Stone Skipping! (WIP – audio and vfx are still being finalized)

    Every day, a limited number of mysterious, open-mouthed clamshells will reveal themselves beyond the shore. Find yourself a nice, flat skipping stone, toss it across the water into the clam, and rewards await you!

    Amazingly, these clams are as appreciative of a skillful, many-skip stone toss as we humans, and will more generously reward scouts who manage to sneak in a few extra skips before hitting their target. Different-colored clams give different rewards; some give quartz, some cough up driftwood, and some will reward you with both of those things simultaneously. And on very rare occasion, even better rewards may emerge for a particularly generous clam.

    For those of you who’ve unlocked a certain beach-loving character, you’ll be pleased to note that her recurring quest will no longer involve finding skipping stones, and will instead involve actually skipping stones. 😀

  • 03Jun

    Cozy Grove Summer Update (#1)

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    Hey, fellow Scouts. It feels like just yesterday that we launched Cozy Grove on all platforms, and yet somehow Summer is almost upon us. And with Summer comes something very exciting – our first major (totally free) update to Cozy Grove! While dishing out bugfixes and QoL improvements, we’ve also been quietly working on a bunch of new content and features for you. We’ll be steadily parceling out most of this new content into Beta in the days ahead, and when we’re about to unveil something in Beta I’ll write a little blog post about it, like this. 🙂

    New feature: Critter-catching (WIP)

    Warm weather always brings the critters out, right? Summer felt like the perfect time to introduce critter-catching to Cozy Grove. A whole assortment of crawling and flying critters (with seasonal variation, of course) will now populate the item. You can buy a net from Mr. Kit to catch them – like the fishing rod, it will never break, and like fish, critters will spawn semi-continuously. Mr. Kit is fond of critters and will pay a reasonable amount for any that you catch, and some of the bears will express interest in critters from time to time as well. And of course, they’re collectible!

    Different critters behave differently, and rarer critters are somewhat harder to catch. Happy hunting!

  • 20Apr

    We’re hiring! Shader Technical Artist

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    We’re looking for a highly skilled Unreal Shader Technical Artist that can bridge the gap between Art and Engineering. This is a key role in developing the unique artistic style of our game. Extensive knowledge of shading, lighting, rendering, and post processing is required, as well as a strong understanding of the 3D-graphics pipeline and a keen eye for aesthetics and best art practices.

  • 02Feb

    Spry Fox is looking for a 3D Art Lead to help us work on a new, original game — a stylized, joyful and non-violent MMO project!

    Our 3d Art Lead will be a key role, bridging the gap between Engineering, Design and Art. We are looking for a talented, multi-disciplinary 3d artist who loves to dive into the organizational and technical side of things, and strives to find systemic and scalable solutions to keep the team moving. You will establish and maintain our art pipelines and processes while helping drive key visuals in the game. You will need to be very comfortable with all the technical and creative aspects of art production.