What does the Spry Fox say? (RNT audio contest!)

We’ve hit a snag while adding sound effects to the creatures in Road Not Taken. The problem is, we’ve got no idea what this critter should say:


So… we’re holding a contest!

Help us out by creating a sound effect that you think would sound good when the player bumps into this fox. If your sound effect is chosen as the winner, we’ll put it in the game, put your name in the game’s credits page, and give you a free copy of Road Not Taken, too. 🙂

How to enter the contest:

  1. Create a sound effect for the spry fox.
  2. Upload it to YouTube by April 23, 2014. Tag your video with #WhatDoesTheSpryFoxSay
  3. Tweet us a link to your video at @spryfox with the tag #WhatDoesTheSpryFoxSay.
  4. Share your video with your friends to get more Likes. The more likes your video has, the higher your chances of winning the contest.

We’ll pick the winning sound effect from the most popular submissions, so be sure to spread the word. If you’re not an audio whiz, you can still contribute by sharing and liking your favorite entries.

Upload your video to Youtube and tag it with #WhatDoesTheSpryFoxSay, and assuming there are no issues, it will soon appear on our contest YouTube channel. Check back often to check out the competition or like your favorite entries!


  • Use this image to accompany your sound effect when uploading to YouTube.
  • We will select the winner from among the most popular entries. Having the most likes doesn’t guarantee your sound will be selected, but it definitely helps!
  • Entries should be no longer than 3 seconds long. It’s okay to have extra time on the video, but we’ll trim the actual sound effect to 3 seconds at most.
  • When the contest is over, we will contact the winner and request a high-quality audio file for use in the final game. This may require re-recording the sound effect.
  • You must own the rights to anything you submit. Copyrighted material won’t be accepted.
  • Keep it classy. Offensive material won’t be accepted.
  • Entries submitted after the due date of April 23, 2014 won’t be accepted.
  • By participating in the contest, you agree that if we select your sound as the winner, we may use it in Road Not Taken as we see fit and at our sole discretion, in exchange for the prizes noted in this blog post.

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