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    We’re hiring a Senior Graphics Engineer

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    Spry Fox is looking for a Senior Graphics Engineer to help us build an original, non-violent MMO. See more details and apply here!

    As a Senior Graphics Engineer, you will lead our effort to deliver a smooth experience of our stylized, cozy world on mobile and desktop platforms. You’ll be hands-on profiling and optimizing materials and scene organization, structuring our project for GPU, CPU, and memory scalability across our target platforms, and exploring rendering techniques to amplify our game’s tone (coziness, whimsy, moments of awe). You’ll be our go-to person for rendering optimization and bringing out the best in our art team’s work. Together with the rest of the engineering team, you’ll establish technical constraints, asset standards, and asset pipeline additions needed to deliver a consistent player experience across platforms. You’ll work closely with the art team to explore and balance tradeoffs between performance characteristics and our visual target. We’re a small team making a big game so you’ll have ample opportunity to contribute to any other aspect of the project that sparks your interest. 

    We’re a part of Netflix now. This means that we can do what we love doing with much more support, and without having to worry about how to monetize our games at all. We’re still focused on making thoughtful, original games, more than ever really. 🙂

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