• 24Aug

    Hi Scouts!

    We’ve been quietly working away on a major Fall update for Cozy Grove, and we’ll be ready to start beta testing it soon. Our goal is to release it on every platform simultaneously like we did with the Summer Update. Our current expected release date is sometime in early October.

    We’ve got a few goals for this update: tackle some of the more challenging feature requests that the community has been asking for, add content to some of the systems that we think are currently underutilized in the game, add at least one major new activity, and last but not least, add a special Fall limited-time event!

  • 04Sep

    We are delighted to announce that Alphabear 2 is available worldwide as of today! 🙂

    The first Alphabear – a quirky English word puzzle game, for those of you who haven’t played it – was an award-winning and relatively popular game. It has been downloaded well over five million times. Our new sequel is bigger and better in every way. It has a full narrative, several new modes, a new Avatar system (yes, you can finally *be* a bear, not just play with bears), new dictionary tools (featuring Merriam-Webster), greatly enhanced “bear speech”, and more!


  • 24Aug

    We are pleased to announce that Alphabear: Hardcover Edition, the premium version of our award-winning English word puzzle game, is now available on Steam for PCs & Macs. The price is just $9.99 and we’re celebrating the launch with a 10% discount for those who buy it ASAP. 🙂

    The original version of Alphabear has been downloaded over four million times and has won numerous awards, including Google’s “Best Indie” award in 2016. This updated version of Alphabear has been enhanced and completely rebalanced. All free-to-play elements have been removed from the game and new features have been added, including:

    • An in-game dictionary (so you can discover what your more inventive words actually mean!)
    • A new “prestige” system, for people who complete the campaign and want to replay it at a higher difficulty level to continue challenging themselves.
    • New random daily boards you can play.

    In addition to the Google Play Award, Alphabear is Gamezebo’s best mobile game of 2015, and also received a Game Developers Choice Runner Up award for “Best Mobile Game” in 2015. We’ve been asked by thousands of you for a premium, less-grindy, pay-once version, and we hope this fits the bill!

    So what are you waiting for? Visit Steam now to take advantage of our launch discount! Happy bearaphrasing! 🙂