We’re hiring! (2d Animator for 6+ months)

Spry Fox is looking for a 2D animator to help us work on a new, original game. We expect to have at least six months of full-time work for whoever accepts this position; possibly much more.

Who do we want

The ideal candidate has experience animating expressive 2D characters for games. Huge plusses include:

  • Someone who loves cozy games (i.e. cute, but broadly appealing; not necessarily kiddie)
  • Ability to create highly polished animations for 2D puppets and collaborate with other artists on this process


  • Create dozens of expressive character animations in Unity for multiple entities
  • Rig 2D puppets
  • Work collaboratively to ensure that the final puppets and animations are polished, high quality, and full of personality!


  • Fast 2D animation skills and strong portfolio examples
  • Experience rigging 2D puppets for a Unity-based game
  • Ability to communicate fluently in English, both verbally and written
  • Conscientious and self-motivated 
  • Can work remotely (i.e. has access to good, reliable internet connection and is a self-starting, self-managed kinda person.) 
  • Located in North or South America, or willing to shift working hours to at least partially overlap with those of us in North America.

The following are a big plus but not strictly necessary:

  • Experience with Unity’s 2D Animation package
  • Experience with character customization
  • Experience working with art and animation integration for games

What are we offering?

  • Any necessary software licenses
  • Interesting, highly original work in a small, supportive, and friendly team that views itself as a family first and a business second

We love to see candidates from under-represented backgrounds. If you think you might fit our needs but aren’t sure, please, don’t hold back! Send us your resume. The absolute worst that could happen is that we’ll receive your email with gratitude and let you know that while this opportunity might not be the best fit for you, others we’ll have in the future could be. Best case, you’ve got yourself a new job with people who are psyched that you took a chance on us. 🙂

Please send your full resume, references, and anything else you think we should see to jobs@spryfox.com.

What’s it like working for Spry Fox?

Spry Fox’s motto is “make the world a better place.” We try to do that through the games we make, whether that’s by designing our MMO, Steambirds Alliance, to be a game that encourages the development of friendships and discourages toxicity, or by designing our puzzle game, Alphabear 2, to promote English language learning. We’re always asking ourselves “how does this game improve your life?”

We also strive to be a company that is a pleasure to work for. We hope to be an important but not dominating part of your life. We want you to have friends, family, hobbies, and a life outside of work. We want you to love your colleagues and know that they support you 100%. We want you to be proud of what you do and how you do it.

We make highly original games. Invention is part of our DNA. You’ll be working on designs that often don’t fit in a comfy genre box.

We’re fully remote, which means you have the flexibility to work your 40 hours a week from where ever you like, and in whatever configuration you’d like. Take a mid-afternoon break to spend time with the kids! Start late because you’ve got a few errands to run this morning! As long as you have an overlap with your team almost every day, let people know what you’re up to, and don’t leave the rest of us hanging, almost anything goes.

We currently have Foxes in Europe, South Africa, South America, Canada, and the US. We have a retreat once a year to come together, bond, discuss the long-term future of projects and the company, and stay up way too late chatting around campfires.

We have lives outside of work. Lots of us have children. Different Foxes enjoy playing music, reading books, storytelling RPGs, solving rubiks cubes, talking politics, and/or traveling. Some of us even play games. 😉

Spry Fox recognizes crunch is a negative and counter-productive practice in our industry. While we can’t pretend that we’ve never crunched before, we make a serious effort to limit it, and we consider more than a couple of weeks of crunch to be a failure of management — something to be learned from and avoided in the future. We have never crunched for more than six continuous weeks in the nine year history of our studio (and even that has faded far into distant memory.)

If you’d like to learn more about us, please watch this short documentary video about Spry Fox that was filmed a couple years back!



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