Leap Day in open beta!

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We are incredibly proud and excited to announce the open beta of our latest original game, Leap Day!

Co-developed by Spry Fox and Sparkypants Studios, Leap Day is the first-ever cooperative multiplayer video game of its kind! Join forces with up to seven other players, over the course of four real days, to help the cute but single-minded Flan recapture their homes from the frozen wastelands and ghosts of their ancestors. It’s a puzzle game unlike any other.

There are massive crafting networks. There are infinite problems to solve (with the help of friends and strangers alike.) There are adorable Flan hopping, chugging, and wobbling everywhere in service to their Flannish princes and princesses. If a Spanish restaurant and Toys-R-Us had a baby, it might look something like this.

Leap Day is 100% free to play; all purchases are entirely optional. We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy our games whether or not they can afford to spend money on them. So what are you waiting for.. give Leap Day a try!

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