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    meh (expression of indifference, accepted by Merriam-Webster and some Scrabble dictionaries), bokeh (photography), vape (smoking).

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    We are aware of the problem. I believe our understanding was that it would go away when Facebook updated the cached picture on the server, but apparently this hasn’t been the case yet.

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    Definitely not a known issue–just now I was able to watch ads for coins on both iOS and Android devices. Please email us a new device log by following the instructions on this page: . Also, in your email please let us know what geography you’re playing in as this can affect ad availability.

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    >> Got the game a couple of days ago. Really enjoying it . . .

    Glad to hear that!

    >> – I see a message about my network connection being down and restored pretty frequently. Seems to fix itself quickly. Might happen every time I leave the house (switching from wifi to cellular). Just seemed odd.

    That’s probably normal behavior. When, for example, the device just wakes up, it takes the game a moment to determine whether it is connected to the internet. During that moment of uncertainty, the screen telling you that you’re offline will appear, but it will go away again when the game realizes shortly afterwards that you’re online.

    >> – In Options, it says I can’t sign in. Hitting the sign-in button a second time pulls up a “Please wait …” screen that hangs and never resolves unless I restart the program. Going to Achievements does the same thing: “Please Wait …” that hangs over the screen until I restart.

    Please try the following:
    1) Fully exit the app as described here:
    2) Launch your Settings app, look for and tap Game Center, tap your Apple ID and choose to sign out.
    3) Reboot the device. (Just fully power it down, then turn it on again. Don’t just put it to sleep. Don’t factory reset the device either!)
    4) Go back to your Settings app and sign in in the same place where you signed out in Step 2.
    5) Launch Alphabear. You may be immediately signed in. If so, great! If not, open the Options menu and sign in.
    6) Assuming you’ve signed in successfully, tap the Achievements button and that should work, too.

    >> …[A bear] turns into a tiny, one-pixel dot in the middle of a big empty space. . . . I think this is strictly visual, and doesn’t seem to be hurting the actual gameplay.

    We’re aware, and have been chasing after this bug since the game was launched. Unfortunately we still haven’t been able to figure out what is causing the incorrect sizing, even though we’ve occasionally caught it in the debugger. If you can figure out the cause, please do let us know.

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    Definitely a bug. There are no puzzles that intentionally prevent teleporting to the mayor, nor are there puzzles that would prevent you from walking through an open door. The Spider is hard, but it sounds like you found a legitimate way to beat it that unfortunately doesn’t get around the software bug.

    Please email with your screenshots and a link to this thread. Our Support Team will try to figure out a way out of this situation, and we’ll also report the bug to the programmers.

    in reply to: Chapter 11 – no "boss" to advance to next chapter #21893

    >>Anything coming up soon? I love this game, and hope there is a new feature/level coming up.

    The Special Event for August just started! Not much else to reveal at this point.

    (Also, in case anyone was confused by this, there was no Chapter 11 boss at the time the original poster opened this thread. But there is now a Chapter 11 boss. It and a full complement of Chapter 11 bears were added in v1.16.0, which was released on 2016-05-12. After beating Chapter 11, you get to the Appendix, which has no boss because there is no chapter beyond it. At least not at this time.)

    in reply to: Bring back leap day! #21891

    >>Is there any chance of releasing the game so we can make our own servers?

    There is still a chance that a game related to Leap Day could happen. For that reason we won’t be releasing Leap Day to the public domain at this time.

    in reply to: Road not Taken for android? #21886

    We don’t have any news to share at the moment regarding Road Not Taken for Android.

    in reply to: Help with Quest #21878

    A “cub” is one of the items that can appear during the bonus round. It looks like a little bear. You’ll generally have to do very well in a bonus round in order to see it, because it’s worth the most points and generally the lower-value items appear first.

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    >>Hope dev can introduce more game achievement or items for players to achieves

    We were already doing this, but version 01.02.01 introduces some new swords to collect. It is now live on both iOS and Android. (The iOS version just went live today. It will hopefully be available to you in the next 12 hours if it isn’t already available. The Android version has been live since late last week.)

    in reply to: Save game progress? #21863

    Hi Tim,

    It should be working so long as both devices are running Bushido Bear version 1.1.2 or greater. Please follow these instructions: . If they’re not working for you, please email and let us know at what point your game behaves differently than the instructions; we’ll try to help you via email.

    in reply to: No new quests? #21861

    Okay, thanks for letting us know. Glad that the workaround (killing the app, restarting, and waiting a bit before clicking the Quests button) always seems to work for you.

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    >>One possibility that jumped out at me is, I wonder if it happens when I click too quickly to quests before the game center banner appears.

    @moograms maybe–it’s possible that the game just hasn’t yet had opportunity to complete its time checks before you look at the quest screen. If so, I would expect that you could get your quests by fully exiting the app ( ), then launching it again and then waiting a bit before clicking the quest button. Please try that and let us know whether that helps.

    in reply to: No new quests? #21858

    Follow-up to my last comment: we were incorrect about the problem being solved in version 1.1.0; however, we did make a fix in version 1.1.2 and the players who were helping us to investigate have indicated that the problem was resolved for them. The fix was to ask more servers what the correct time is, because some of the time stamps we get back are significantly wrong.

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