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    I seem to be getting golden goods from my last game, rather than the current game. My Prince name is Tempus, my e-mail is Tempus at chronometry dot ca.

    I am now 3 hours and 24 minutes into this game. In the last two hours, I’ve gotten two barrels, a lumber, and a bracelet. Last game, I was producing bracelets, and completed the stage with factories for lumber and barrel, as part of the tower items.

    This game, I am not making, and have never made, Bracelets, Lumber OR Barrels. I am making curry, earrings, rings, fired bricks, and was making cinnamon buns. I am attempting to level these many of these items. I do not want to level lumber, and I especially don’t want to level barrels. I despise barrels.

    I believe that instead of awarding me chests from my current game, it’s rewarding me chests based off the factories I had when I finished the previous game. Expected behaviour is to only receive chests for factories I am actively delivering at this time, or those involved in a shared delivery. I have little enough inventory space as it is, and am working towards trying to get past some of these level four stopping blocks that I have many high value items stuck on. I cry a little each time I get a worthless chest, and then am forced to throw it away. I cry even more when I need to clear my inventory of worthwhile chests because I don’t have the full set of ingredients needed to get past a major upgrade.

    Thanks for looking into this.



    The goods from the last game roll over into the current game. You would have gotten them anyway and the system is set up so you won’t be cheated.



    I understand that’s the system Daniel, but I disagree that that is what is happening.

    1) The chests did not arrive immediately when I started a new game. I was logged in for quite some time getting the initial setup ready (well over fifteen minutes), and those chests didn’t arrive until much later. I also logged in at least twice more in those three hours for reasonable periods of time, and did not get all the chests at once, or even within a short time period (for example, five minutes).

    2) I did not have either barrels or lumber building long enough to earn a golden good. I completed those factories only seconds before finishing the map – Sad Uncle, looking for a hopping train. They were not active for more than a minute or two, certainly not long enough to earn golden goods.

    3) The golden good rate is professed to be highest during level start, due to being correlated with the star goals. At the time of the above writing, I was 3h24m into the game, and hadn’t received any chests for my current game setup. I have now logged in at just past six hours, and still have received no chests for the Rings, Earrings, Bricks, Fired Bricks, Spices, or Curry factories that I have been producing for 3-6 hours each.

    If what occurred is intended behaviour, it’s very strange. Any golden chests you earned from a previous game should not meander over in the course of a few hours and several log ins to the next game – they should arrive immediately or close to immediately, certainly within the first five minutes. And if the chest rate is indeed higher during the early parts of a game, I’d expect to see at least one chest for my factories during the first six hours, rather than a few for my previous game 2 and 3 hours in. Lastly, it’s very strange to get chests for goods I had producing only for a very short time, like the barrel, and not only get any of those at all on a new game, but get no less than THREE chests for factories that I maybe delivered for one or two Leap Days total.

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    Hi, another instance of this – my friend Garmichael has received a Bracelet golden good in our current game. It has now been TWO stages since we produced a Bracelet, and several in-game hours of play time.



    Another instance – 34 minutes into the current stage, I received a golden good for spices, and Garmichael one for spirits. Neither of us are producing either this game. We were logged in the whole 34 minutes.


    Cake of Pain

    If you have princes in two games, it’s currently possible for the golden good from one game to drop in your 2nd game. Could this be what you’re seeing?



    I only have one prince. Also, Garmichael again just received a Golden Wood Bust – which he was producing last game, not the current game. We’re about 3 hours in.

    It’s possible that the Golden Chests are just incredibly delayed, and being given out hours later. Or that the last game’s list of factories is not being properly cleared.

    Edit: I just logged in and got a mulled wine. Same scenario.

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    I’m definitely getting long-delayed chests for stuff I made in a previous map well into this map. I’m unsure if the chests from last game are coming in after chests for this game or not (meaning, if I make spices this game, and bread last game, I’m not sure if in this game I’m getting bread chests before spice chests). Anyway, just hit the three-hour mark for this map when a Wood Bust chest appeared from last game, and I have not been getting regular chests during these three hours.



    4:40:27 into the game – Just got a grog. Produced Grog last game, haven’t made even a spirits this game. If it’s gonna give me stuff from last game, I’d like to request Stew Barrels kthx, I really wanted one and got jipped.

    Note: Haven’t received any chests for factories existing in the current game, incidentally.

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    7:01:33 into the game – Wine of Death, same deal. I’m making six shared prayer stones and some fired bricks, nothing else.



    8:50:55 into the game – Porcelain Bust produced. Still hoping the bug will get me a stew barrel, haha. No chests yet for my current game setups.

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    Completely new game – now 11 hours in, 16 hours into game timer. Received Bread, Lumber, and other junk from last game where I had no setup. Also received a Large Barrel, which I did not make last game, but am making this game. Unsure what that means.

    This is gonna be a bad game if I get last time’s chests only, sigh.


    Cake of Pain

    I think there’s confusion about what we mean by “carrying forward from the last game”. Goods you were producing at the end of your previous game can drop as new drops in your next game.



    That is significant confusion indeed. I understood “If you would’ve earned any golden chests, but couldn’t collect them because the game ended, they will roll over to your next game and be able to be picked up”. I did not get “Whatever you made in your last game will continue to be produced as golden chests the next game”. It was not intuitive to me – I had thought that I was only getting chests from the previous game, and never the current one.

    So, I guess this is totally intentional, you can consider the bug closed.



    Okay, so last, game all my things were shared, and my partner liquidated to finish the stage. I started another game, and it started giving me lembas bread, cooked food, and barrels. That’s from three games ago. Is this expected behaviour? I’m not getting anything else from the game that I delivered those in (that was the stew barrel/porcelain bust/wine of death game).

    Also, it’s been giving me a lot of barrels. A lot. Far more than I can use. I’ll let you know when it stops. Can I exchange these barrels for crowns?

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