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    Hi guys. Started playing recently and <3 the game. Sadly, I’ve reached a point where I’m struggling to make headway on the highgrounds. I play wood, and for rares and above I have 1 Blight, 1 Wail, 1 Pyras, 1 Myter, 2 Grove, 1 Lemore, 2 Fang, 1 Adrog, and 2 Noch.

    I’ve been running a 19-unit deck with

    2x Loup
    2x Fang
    2x Duig
    2x Slog
    2x Mag
    2x Gumil
    1 Lemore
    1 Roko
    1 Wail
    1 Blight
    1 Noch
    1 Powell
    1 Commander who is Drain 3/Arrow 2 in the back and 6 attack 3 drain in the front for a cost of 25 city resource.

    I added a Noch and an Adrog to try to prevent losing horribly to wound decks, but I’m not sure that’s a good idea. I’d sure appreciate any help/advice you can give.
    I was winning a match, and then my opponent brought out Rune and 2 Durants, and everything fell apart. None of my guys had enough shield in the front (Gumil has 1 and screws up the Wolfpack, Slog has 1 if I’m willing to lose 2 Wood/turn), and looking through my cards, the only critter I have with decent shield in the front is 1 Adrog. I’d sure appreciate any advice.

    Also, what should my next booster be; Core or Wood or…?

    Thanks in advance,




    you need to choose between fox pack, dog pack, and wolf pack, and stick to that. but keep the high damagers.



    For Boosters, Newer Players/And or players with less cards should always buy faction boosters. there is a better chance of ultra in one then you might think, and they give more units per gem.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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