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    Here is my current favorite deck:

    It’s not balanced enough to win one of Maverick’s tournaments, but it’s win ratio against random players is probably 80%. Winning on turn 4 is not uncommon and feels super awesome, but if you let the other player get their farmers set up you’ll probably lose.

    The most notable feature of this deck is that it doesn’t force a draw and doesn’t even include Johnn or Harden. Damage, not gold production, is the early game priority with this deck. Johnn and Harden are too expensive and only sell for half of what you buy them for. Hiro and Lyon each cost 1 and sell for 1. Selling is important, too. Max production is only 5 gold per turn, so you’ll need to sell units (Rosie, Hiro or Lyon) to afford Driaga, Stag and probably Payne. It’s ok selling them, though, because Ob will just fish them back out for you next turn.

    Driaga is a nice way to increase max damage, but she’s not necessary. You could put in another Stag or something else at or below 6 cost if you don’t have her.

    Multiwound can be tough to deal with, but if you’re playing correctly the opponent needs to move his farmers down to the front in order to survive past turn 4, which makes it tough to afford Spike or even Rune sometimes.



    hmmmmm. Pitt > Lyon though ? the one damage might make or break in a very rare situation, and serves the exact same role :)



    Mine looks like zis :)

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    SPH: Pitt would totally work in place of Lyon. I’ve never been in a position where I’d use the one fight (I either need the gold or my front line is already full), but Pitt also has the advantage of being common and having almost no other viable use.

    Bart: Love the name. Also, 11 Pomora? Daum. I think your top damage is 6 higher than mine, but my deck has the advantage of (1) a healer, (2) backrow wound(really handy for slowing people down and late game if I make it there) and (3) guaranteed draws if I have 10 cards out. I may have to play around with the Harum, though, just to see how it works.



    I do (rarely) use payne as healer :)
    But otherwise you’re 100% correct. Durant is very nice for wound and disband.
    Also 11 Pomora, …yeah..i spent my share….



    Here’s a little deck I’ve been running with some success. Kinda in the same mold as yours above.

    screen grab<br />photo hosting software<br /><br />

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