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    This deck is downright dirty. It has a slow start at times, but once it gets going it has incredible momentum and a huge final damage.

    In the early game, turn 2 Kemp is possible and can cripple the opponent’s early game. Doing this almost guarantees that the opposing army won’t have enough momentum to rush. Kemp + Feng + Mag together can sometimes shut down an opponent’s economy. This deck is flooded with very cheap units which means that you can get some very good draws early on. Ob can turn into a number of units, and makes Oberos a very useful unit. Ench greatly improves your chances of picking up all of your resource generators in the next few turns.

    Once you are making 10 wood, you almost always grab Lynaia. Even if you don’t have anything to have her use matriarch on that turn, you can put her on front and generate 5 wood. When using matriarch, you have to watch out for Lynaia’s frailty. This is fairly easy to compensate for, though. The deck has so many popcorn units that you can put her nearly anywhere on the back row. Mag and Kemp turn into Viath, Feng becomes Wail and Kil becomes Era. I often sell my first mega unit in order to buy my commander. The commander can be used as a back row blocker early on if your opponent has multi-arrow attacks, or a blocker and back row wounder otherwise. He has Hunter, which pairs with Wolf Pack, and has just enough block to stop big wounders. Era can also be a blocker for Lynaia in the back row, and can be used on the front row to drive home a finishing attack. Viath can be converted with Matriarch and he’ll generate 6 wood (sometimes, this doesn’t always work for some reason), and then can be sold for 6 wood. He can also be brought onto the front row to take out pesky healer/defenders, and has the added bonus of 2 Siege. There are enough tiny units to allow you to spatially avoid wounding, and you can move your heavy damage units around easily.

    This deck has a very high damage output, but can’t quite match a fully-charged double Arthur deck. Luckily, this deck is much faster and can deal tons of back row wounding. Even if the opponent brings out an Arthur or two, you can put out a bunch of wounds while nearly matching the damage output. Against rush decks, Wail + Feng = 16 damage alone, and that can stall the opponent’s attack long enough to get the rest of your heavy hitters out.

    It doesn’t win every match, and can falter against really great rush decks if you get a slow start. A deck that specializes in back row wounding can do some damage as well, but you can sometimes work around this by putting a bunch of wood generating units on the front row, along with Lynaia’s 5 wood. This is slower, but will let you bring out big units just the same. Then you can pummel their army with the commander, Viath and Kemp until it’s safe to put units on the back row again.

    All in all, it’s a very versatile, fast deck with a good focus on back row wounding and a high damage output.



    I have a similar deck with some (very slight) differences. It’s awesome to see someone else coming up with such a similar Wolf deck that also makes use of Lynaia and Viath! (It makes me think I’m doing some things right.)

    It’s 15 cards instead of 17:

    1) Two Kemps (instead of a Kemp and a Mag)
    2) A Slog, but no Obs and no Oberos’
    3) The commander has 12 attack and 2 defense in the front, two arrow and two defense in back, and is of type Wolf such that Feng can also become him.

    A few questions on your specific configuration over mine:

    1) Is it because of the front row wood production of Mag that you prefer him over a second Kemp?
    2) A forced Slog is my worse opening, but that seems better to me than either a) a single forced Ob or b) a single forced Oberos. Am I missing something here?
    3) I like front drain better on the commander than the 12 attack, and would re-factor if I wasn’t scared about losing the rest of my commander. Front defense is essential to protect the Wails here
    4) Am I hurting myself since Feng can turn into either a Wail OR my commander? Is there benefit to guaranteeing that Feng transforms into a Wail when your commander isn’t out yet?

    P.S. I also have a Melvar which makes an interesting replacement for Viath as a Kemp forced-transform, but my deck doesn’t have enough arrows to make Melvar’s 4 Reaper usable. Your 2-drain commander is a much better fit for that idea.

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    1) Mag has the added flexibility of front row generation and is occasionally helpful at reducing damage early on. In late game I’ll have him on the back row behind a Wail for a little extra wound, but that’s rarely necessary. He also sells for 2, which can be great at times. I don’t know if I’d use two Kemps, even if I had a second one. It seems like a toss-up and would require a lot of playtesting. While two Kemps sounds pretty devastating, it seems like you’d be limited to front row generation with both deployed.

    2) A single forced Ob/Kil/Oberos is a slow start, and is often how I lose to very strong rush decks. 8/17 units are units that I can afford on the first turn, so while a single draw can happen, I can usually buy a number of units on the next turn. These units help with a maintained speed in the mid-game, as I can often sell up to three units and then put two Obs on the back row and get them right back. It basically turns the extra recruit from Ench into free money, in a sense. Later on between Ench and the recruit from a newly created Wail, you always have the opportunity to get two Obs in the deck.

    3) Front drain is so good. First of all, with 5 Defense you don’t run nearly the risk of “All eggs in one basket” that you do on selling your units and getting a non-shielded unit. He wreaks havoc on the back row, and can heal wounded Wails before they attack, sort of like Paladin. If my commander goes head to head against Blight or a beefy attack + wound commander, the drain might just heal that first Wail just as he gets wounded, granted there are no other wounded units. The extra attack is unnecessary for such a brutal deck.

    4) If it was Feng -> my commander, I’d do it in a heartbeat. I don’t see why it would be a big issue.

    If I had Melvar, I could put him on the top in the back row, then do Viath, Kemp, Commander and hope to heal Melvar with drain. Then you could potentially wound and reap 4 units in one go. I’ve used Lemore in the deck with good results, and might put him in again. At the worst he sells for 3 if I need the cash, and I could get 8 attack early on alongside Feng.

    I’ve also tinkered with Ob->Groff->Spike, although that tends to clutter the deck. Groff is a good filler/blocker for Lynaia, though.



    I’ve played around with this deck a little. Adding Lemore opens up the opportunity to use Reaper and combo with Feng early on, but then Matriarch might upgrade Feng to Lemore. I currently have pulled Mag out as well. As it is, I’d rather hit more 1-cost units on my first few turns and build economy asap. The 2 sell is great, but the sprint to Lynaia seems faster without. I can also use Kemp to get Viath, so Mag is redundant in that regard.
    I tried pulling out Viath, but started to have trouble with really fortified decks with shield + healers. After a rough game, I put him back in and haven’t looked back.

    This deck gets better than a 90% win rate. Pretty crazy.



    I am mentally unstable.
    Please nerf him.

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