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    Hi everyone,

    I noticed that the wiki for Road Not Taken ( is not very developped yet. I would really like to contribute to it.
    For example, I think it could be great to have one page per item, with a picture of said item. So I wondered if there is any way to have “icons” of the item (like the one used in the book for exampe), or do I have to make a screenshot of it manually ?

    If the screenshot option is chosen, then help would be really nice :)

    I was thinking that a good a example of a nice wiki is :
    …not sure if I can put a link to another video game here, sorry if I can’t :(

    Are there other people interested in helping with the wiki ?



    Hi noutoff!
    I could share a Dropbox folder with icon images of all the items if you’d like for use in the Wiki. (I was the picture drawing person of Road Not Taken so I have all that stuff!)
    If you use Dropbox, let me know who to share it to. Or if not, I’ll make you a zip of the images. So many options! The choice is yours!

    Note: The images are still copyright SpryFox but we’ll grant usage for the purposes of a Wiki, so be cool.



    That would be awesome :)

    I don’t use Dropbox so I would prefer a zip of the images. Since I don’t want to leave my e-mail adress on a public forum, and I can’t seem to be able to send you a private message here, I don’t really know how we can manage that :p
    If it’s more simple, I can create a Dropbox account.

    A big thank you anyway, these pictures will save a lot of time :)



    Feel free to download the zip of the Wiki images here:
    Again, only use for wiki please :) If anyone is looking for images for other reasons (promo, reviews) we have different packages for that.



    Thank you :)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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