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    So the loss of 3 and 5 factories made the game really boring to me, just had a look in to see who was still around?




    Yes it was sad to see those factories go (I was one of the people complaining about how boring it was after the change)…
    It is not a good enough reason to leave though, I don’t think many people would have left.

    At least their recent update was amazing… All the recipe changes and the chat make the game so much better.

    Just remember that anything may change. It all depends on what the developers think should happen.
    Sometimes some changes may be better in the long run. It was just a huge impact on everybody because we thought those factories were a key part of the game. Well, if you have been still playing the game regularly you may come to realize that those factories were not a key part of the game and it is still fun without it.

    I still hope that they will bring back the 3 and 5 cell factories but that is for the developers to decide.
    I trust that the developers have thought through every change or addition and decided whether or not they should add it to the game. They will always keep the players in mind.



    I’m here but am well on my way out with how they are handling recent game updates.



    I’m still here. A bit… tired though. Will still stick around to see if things improve.



    In the meantime, I’m having fun with Highgrounds, which is getting better and better.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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