When should you start crafting?

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    Let’s discuss.

    – If you craft5 before buying a booster, the booster might have the card you just crafted.
    – The more cards you have doubles of, the better it is for you to do a craft.
    – With ~30 cards added in Forest, you’ll possibly get a bunch of forest cards when crafting, unless you’ve been buying Forest starters.
    – Compare Common crafting5 with a basic value booster: you get four random commons, versus losing four unusable commons for a single common you might already have exactly 1 of. Buying a value booster gets you six cards that 1) you would’ve gotten through crafting or 2) you can put toward crafting.

    Assume there are 50 commons, and you have 40 of them, with 30 of them doubled. Four new commons from a value booster means (30/50)^5 = 8% chance of NOT getting a new (i.e. craftable) card. If you have 40/50 cards doubled, four new cards means about 1/3 chance of NOT getting a new card.

    Basic conclusions:
    – Crafting is, for the most part, not for the free player. Crafting has the best value when your card collection is nearly saturated, and you just need a few more to fill it out. Otherwise, your craft attempt might get you 10 gems worth of card.
    – Craft later, rather than sooner. Delay your crafting as late as you can (probably after you spend a bunch of cash-bought gems).

    I want to make this point: Crafting is NOT too expensive. The actual value is variable: it depends on how full your collection is, and how much you actually want the other cards. Your duplicates aren’t really worth anything anyway (until Trading is confirmed, but right now that’s speculative value). I think a craft has a strange and arcane value, and the right trade numbers really just depends on how fast Spry Fox wants to let people fill their collection. It’s hard to translate value of a craft into something like cash or time, so it’s hard to argue that the numbers should be lower. In fact, the rest of the game is priced this way; forest starter, for example, is better if your collection is weak in forest, because a card that you don’t have is much more valuable than a card you have two of. Just something to think about for newbies.

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    • This topic was modified 6 years, 4 months ago by  Raijinili.
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