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    Since the 01.06.01 update Astro Bear was deleted/has gone hibernating.

    Just curious if you plan to bring this one back :(

    Astro Bear 1223% S, P, A, C, & E last 2 extra turns




    Oh I didn’t even notice because I haven’t unlocked chapter 9 yet. So you just lost your Astro Bear like that? Do you have pics of him? I wonder if they made a mistake and deleted him… I hope they will bring him back in the next update :O


    Sorry tomm93, we removed Astro Bear in v1.6 because, at the time we created v1.6 no one had earned it yet to our knowledge, and there were some problems with it. Unfortunately it won’t be coming back. Apologies for that!

    Also, wow, you’re already in chapter 9? How much do you play??? :-) Very impressive!



    Thanks David. I saw a related post on reddit that asked about it. Hopefully Astro comes back from outer space in future update with different bonuses. Nope, I’m not the person who earned it :( I play a lot but I have friends who are in chapter 7 (2 chapters ahead) so lots of work to do.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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