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    This week, we’ll be discussing: Atrophus!

    Cost: 4C (disband 4C)
    Type: Minion Soldier
    Rarity: Uncommon
    Front: 2 Rampage (+2 Attack. 2 x that amount if there is no unit opposite Atrophus in the opponent’s front row.)
    Back: 2 Protect (+2 defense to the unit in front of Atrophus, if that unit has defense.) + Windfall 4 (Disbands for 4C instead of the usual cost)

    In case you forgot:


    Every week I will ask for ideas/ decklists for a given unit or strategy. I will usually be suggesting unused, or underpowered units, Chedd can *suggest* a unit he may be missing reliable data for.

    Posts should ALWAYS be constructive, and I’d much prefer we do not turn to balance whinging.

    Try not to repost the same ideas others have, but if you have critique, or related ideas then that’s fine.

    All normal forum *rules* apply as well, I.e Don’t be a jerk.



    Wait what? I think im one of the guys who have played most crystal in this game. and i cant rember 1 deck that dident use Atrophus. if he is underused its because people dont understand this game.



    I don’t see him at all any more……….



    If I used a deck with some big units, I’d probably use Atrophus. I have in the past. My crystal decks right now currently don’t need him, though, as they are tuned with economy.



    oka a great way to use him is in a bolt deck, early he is windfall. late game he gives jacen 3 defense and makes him a spike block.



    I use to play him a lot before ghasper came out…. after that, ghasper is a faster resource generator.



    But Ghasper is also alot more unstbil he can mess up the draw or give the windfall to early



    Anyone have any *unusual* uses for Atrophus? (I.e in a soldier/rush army?)

    *cough* Rohk *cough*

    If so, any tips/ feedback?



    Can you explain that for someone that’s never built a Crystal deck? In what capacity are people using him? Just as windfall?

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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