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    This week, we’ll be discussing: Flip!

    In case you missed out last week:


    Every week I will ask for ideas/ decklists for a given unit or strategy. I will usually be suggesting unused, or underpowered units, Chedd can *suggest* a unit he may be missing reliable data for.

    Posts should ALWAYS be constructive, and I’d much prefer we do not turn to balance whinging.

    Try not to repost the same ideas others have, but if you have critique, or related ideas then that’s fine.

    All normal forum *rules* apply as well, I.e Don’t be a jerk.



    Flip is good. He’s a great second turn pull for economy, and can be transitioned to the front at any time for good results.
    I think it’s weird that his gamble bonus is a multiplier, however. If he gets blocked, he does no extra damage when the teams are equal-numbered in the front row. If he gets buffed, his 4x multiplier goes crazy. I would rather see a flat bonus in attack if the armies match up.



    A few questions to keep the discussion going:

    1. What’s your opinion on his viability for rushing?

    2. How good is he against each faction?

    3. Would you include him in a hybrid army?



    1. A card that relies so heavily on the opponent’s actions can never be said to be good for any specific thing; in this case, Flip is most reliable in the endgame with 7 front vs. 7 front.

    2. I’ll say it depends what you’re running with: I’ll expect Forest to field the most front units, while gold will field the least. If I’m running the same faction (city, even) as my opponent, that’s considerably more comforting.

    3. No, but I would not run Flip.



    I think the current status of the card should be described for those that don’t have it and don’t yet know about the Matrix, and for historical purposes as cards change.



    Great idea! (I’m hitting myself for not doing the obvious)


    Cost: 4G (disband 2G)
    Type: Scoundrel
    Rarity: Uncommon
    Front: 2 Gamble (+2 Attack. 4 x that amount if each player has the same number of front row units.)
    Back: 3 Greed (+3G. Produces -1 if city is below 8 morale)

    Edit 2:

    > don’t yet know about the matrix

    Just follow the white rabbit a bit further and…

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    Conditions for optimal use:
    – After one use, an attentive opponent could trade off units that are worth less than +6 advantage.
    – Can’t be up against Defense.
    – Dies to Illian, Spike, Blight.
    – If you’re playing Rush, you can’t field too many units early on, which isn’t very rushy, unless your opponent also fields those units.
    – If you’re playing a heavy game, 8 advantage for 4 Gold? Knights get 7 or 11 for 2, and doesn’t require matching.

    I like the idea of Flip. Early gold and can be switched to a late-game unit when reading is easier. Gamble’s criteria for power are too strict, though.

    If Flip had “Match the opponent’s BACK row, gain that much Gold”, that would be really interesting to me.



    To me, one of Flip’s advantages is that any atkSquire behind him also gets the x4 multiplier. I just played the Spearhead event with a Flip deck, since you know exactly how many front-line your opponent will have. With 2 Covar’s (5 Atk Squire – add that attack to the unit in front, add double if that unit is a knight – as the key ability) and each Flip produced (2+5)*4 = 28 damage. That’s more than any single unit I’ve seen produce aside from some of the brutal, brutal revenge decks.

    I know Cover is Ultra-rare (I don’t have a ton of those, but picked some up during the holiday sale…just happened to get 2 of him). However, even the 3 AtkSquire card (forget his name…picture is an old man…Harold?) would give (2+3) *4 = 20.

    I actually do use one Flip in my gold rush deck. It’s not a top tier deck, for sure, but if I put him above a few rampagers, then I can either be sure that a.) my rampage will activate or b.) my Gamble will activate. So then I either have (generally) +4 to +8 for rampage (Stags – 4 Rampage – or Rucke – 2 Rampage) OR +6 Gamble.

    Ironically, the Gamble ability works more like an insurance policy than a gamble.

    Also, it’s not really fair to say that knights get 7 or 11 advantage for 2, because you also need the 15 to get out the Arthur that you’re stacking them with.

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