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    Happy New Year everyone!

    With the start of this year, I’m starting weekly dicussion threads in the strategy forums, to get some more deserved traffic there.


    Every week I will ask for ideas/ decklists for a given unit or strategy. I will usually be suggesting unused, or underpowered units, Chedd can *suggest* a unit he may be missing reliable data for.

    Posts should ALWAYS be constructive, and I’d much prefer we do not turn to balance whinging.

    Try not to repost the same ideas others have, but if you have critique, or related ideas then that’s fine.

    All normal forum *rules* apply as well, I.e Don’t be a jerk.


    Since it’s the first week, feel free to ask questions about formating etc.

    Without further ado, this week’s unit/strategy will be: HECTOR!



    I don’t have an example deck, but here’s a go at some partial deck ideas:

    1) For gold decks, Kaite and Scrapper both have Hector’s same 3 Recruit ability for cheaper, and Marshall has the same 4 Attack ability for cheaper. All three of these are “common” cards, so any optimal use for Hector is probably going to be a unique deck that needs the versatility of both his abilities–some sort of large deck where attacking early is important either because you’re rushing or because you’re fending off a rush AND where you need to be able to open your deck up to increase your likelihood to obtain the cards you need.

    At 4G, however, your chances of being able to get Hector out early in a LARGE deck are going to be small, so any such deck will probably need to make use of both Kaite AND Hector. A double-Kaite, double-Hector deck with a forced Kaite opening may be a viable strategy for the Large Armies game.

    2) If you’re fortunate enough to have BOTH a Tally and a Jacen, Hector can be the key ingredient to getting Jacen out in an otherwise gold-only deck. Hector is especially nice for this because his 3 Recruit helps your chances of pulling Tally early.



    I wouldn’t personally use him. There are good, cheap recruiters out there like Remi and Katie, while Wren is just a little more expensive and has a much more fantastic 2 Defense on the front row. He’s not quite worth it in terms of price to recruit in back, and a straight 4 attack in front means that he’s not really worth it for transitioning him to the front row.
    Price to power on front row and back is not very good, and he doesn’t have the added benefit of being able to do a good transition either. I guess he’d be adequate for a starting deck, but he could use some attention.



    If he had more Recruit (4, but maybe 5?, or 4+def), he could work as a soldier for Dog Pack. But he’s weaker than a real dog, costs the wrong resource, and doesn’t have defense. 4atk isn’t that high for a 4-cost hybrid unit, unless it brings something else to the table (like Bran’s defense).

    – Abban: Soldier, cheaper, weaker, gives back defense and a little gold.
    – Myter: Soldier, cheaper, more synergistic (i.e. costs wood) with Dog Pack, stronger, but Dormant.
    – Kaite/Ench: Much cheaper, first-draw-able, half the attack, and Ench is more synergistic for dog.
    – Randal: One more cost (and one more sell), but one more recruit, and potentially 4 more Attack.
    – Wren: One more cost (5 now), three more recruit, two defense. Problem is only rarity and that he doesn’t help dogs.
    – Talas: Same attack/cost, one more recruit, and helps Spirits (and well) instead of Dog (poorly).
    – Marshall: Same attack, no recruit/sell, cheaper, arrow.
    – Remi: Half the cost, half the attack (at the low end, it’s not that vital), trades a recruit for gold.
    – Alson: Same cost, +1rec, -3atk, +1wound, no real synergy with anything.
    – Hale: Same cost, -1atk +1def, -2rec +1def, Knight, Mountain.

    While not strictly dominated, he’s dominated in each role you’d want him to play. The 4 attack is too weak for late-game, and in early-game you’d want the recruit (otherwise, why would you use him at all?). He was forgotten when Abban and Alson were upgraded.

    Possible changes:
    – Add 1 defense to back. Recruit + early game defense. There’s VERY little of that (Hale is the only other one, while Powell costs 7).
    – Add 1-2 recruit to back. Make him more tempting in Hybrid Dog decks as an emergency whatsit.
    – Add 1 recruit and 1 defense to the back. 4rec1def.
    – Build him for hybriding. Give him 1-2 Wood production in back. Or, more powerfully, in front. Flavor? General goes to fight and finds some wood, takes it back because he recognizes the value of resources.



    >Flavor? General goes to fight and finds some wood, takes it back because he recognizes the value of resources.

    Made my day. Sounds a bit more like steal though……



    I was using the shadow pylon, & came across an awesome (but perhaps weak) idea! A Rohk army! I only have 1 rohk, but I’d like someone to try 2.
    Rohk x 2
    Flip x 2 <- use for Gamble/greed
    Impe x 2
    Hector x 2 <- use for recruit early
    Atrophus/Fraiser x 2 <- undecided on which to take :/
    Kemp x 2
    Jeremiah x 2



    I’m not sure if I’d bother with Atrophus since he only has 2 rampage instead of Faiser’s 3. Obviously Atrophus could use his windfall to swap out for another Atrophus or an Impe in a pinch, but I’m not sure that’s valuable enough to justify the missing rampage power, especially when you desperately need to win ASAP with a deck like this.

    If I had a Jeremiah or two I’d try it for you. I’ve got everyone else, so maybe I’ll try a variant without the Jeremiah soon here. I’ll report my findings if I do.

    Maybe if I included an Ink for the two Atrophus’s to be swapped out for. That could help push the decks damage over the top in a pinch.

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    Well I tried it with Shadow pylon and there were some problems that I should have thought of prior. I could only hire 1 Rohk at a time with Pylon, so I kept risking turning Rohk into Rohk. It was also too slow, pulling only one 4 cost unit at a time. Obviously it’s only going to work as a Sacred Woods deck, I’ll try that later.

    It would be nice if there were another 1 cost 4 transform unit, especially if Rohk couldn’t turn into a Rohk or any other 1 cost unit

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