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    Here you may give ideas for the game or a general needed change, feel free to put anything “appropriate” that can help Spry Fox. Also feel free to ask any questions, someone will be there to help.



    Perhaps a set of ten levels that have a set item placement and require a certain amount of points to access the next level?

    I’d also love larger game boards, just for fun, with maybe a new character or something.



    Evil Bear: eats bushes or destroys buildings godzilla style. To keep him from being too destructive, put him on a timer. After 6 turns, he turns into a tombstone wherever he is.

    Bomb Bear: blows up everything in surrounding 8 squares.

    Fish: “bears” that can be put in lake holder spots, but turn into tombstone if placed in a lake that is only 1 tile.

    Super Practice or Peaceful: another “easy” level with 2 Extra Storehouse Slots, so you can set aside up to 3 items at a time.

    Mama Bear: a bear that turns into 2 bears when placed and will add other bears to fill in the conected open space until trapped.

    Picnic Bear: a bear that will randomly “sit” in a space for a picnic and cannot be turned into a tombstone until the picnic ends so many turns later.

    Whirlygig: rotates items in surrounding squares or exchanges places of two items it touches.

    Cloner: duplicates an item it is placed beside

    Edicts: the Emperor requests that you build x or x many of these buildings. If you do it, you get a coin or turn reward.

    “Cheat” option: lets you clear or move anything in play, but that game’s score cannot earn coins or go on the leaderboard.



    Also, the ability to discard something rather than use it – set up similarly to the buyable undo option.



    I think there really needs to be a level editor. You could choose simple things like how big it is, where lakes are, where the save tile is, and if there are bears and/or ninjas.
    I like City on an island because I like the bears but not so much the ninjas, but it’s way too small to play a good game.

    The perfect map for me would be:
    -Large Map
    -No Ninjas
    -Central Lake

    And that doesn’t exist already. I probably covered why I want it a bit more than needed but yeah, a level editor would be nice.


    Dmitriy Baltovskiy

    Is there going to be a Capital City mode for the iOS version?
    There’s got to be one.
    For us munchkins.


    >> Is there going to be a Capital City mode for the iOS version?

    Unfortunately there probably won’t be one. Originally we wanted to do it, but we’ve since decided that we want to take the mobile and Facebook/desktop versions in two different directions and unfortunately the mobile game’s direction does not currently include the Capital City. That said, if you wanted to show us how many people really want the Capital City to come to mobile, a forum thread would be a great way to do so!



    There are two big changes I would like to see in Triple Town. First I would move the holding plate up a space and open up that corner. A complete square would be easier to use. Second I would build in an option or method to move an object one space. A new crystal or character could come up that would let you move one building one space over. Or it could be a buy option from the store.

    Thanks for the fun game!!



    I would like to have the option to buy more upgrades/ items with coins! Could be special items (fortune cookies, crates, etc.), different skins (mobile doesn’t have a fall version IIRC), OR change the store to refresh # of items available for purchase after a certain number of moves (limited # of purchases per game is inconvenient).

    P.S. Would really love having a capital city on mobile!



    I think Triple Town ( Steam Version ) should be updated with a few items from The Facebook edition:

    To add a new mode : Peaceful Valley, a mode with limited space (lakes) but no bears, but the amount of coins you get at the end could be lowered on this colony.
    The Clock tower : Could Reduce the time for the store to reset and could also be a decoration.
    Add Seasons so the game changes over time, October with pumpkins, Winter with snowy items (Chests could be Presents), Spring with Blooming Items and so on (Could be an Option or DLC to purchase)

    Also one of my Ideas is that there could be special items when you explore by expanding your capital city, would include adding fog, for example, if i expand north by 7 spaces i come across a bit of land with a special item on it


    @alexcthomas1999 Peaceful Valley is already in the Steam version. Look for a boat with a gray sail that has a bear with a slash through it. (Not “A Dangerous Forest”, which also has a gray sail but the bear doesn’t have a slash through it.) Also, this FAQ tells you some of the reasons you might not have seen this particular boat yet: https://spryfox.zendesk.com/entries/21867482-Where-did-the-Peaceful-Valley-mode-go-Or-any-other-mode-that-seems-to-be-missing-



    I went to the steam version after the loss of G+ and I really miss the seasons.


    @misscarlotta I’m sorry about that. Right now only the mobile version has seasons.



    Here’s an idea I had in a dream (which surely means I’m playing too much):

    When you complete a combination, imagine you had the ability to hold down your finger instead of just tapping on the completion spot. As you continue to hold (actually from the moment of the initial press), the components fuse into the new item under your finger, but the new item hovers in a state of flux. If you let go, the new item is placed on the spot as normal. But if you instead slide or flick in a cardinal direction, the new item will be placed in an adjacent empty space (whether or not it was a space previously occupied by one of the components).

    I admit this would transform the gameplay and allow higher scores more easily, and purists will probably balk (though we should also admit there are already plenty of ways the base game rules have been modified for the sake of fun or encouraging gold purchases). But I see this mechanism on par with the ability in Tetris to slide a block after it’s hit the ground but before it “locks” in place; that mechanism also makes that game easier (dunno if it was part of the developer’s original vision), but I’d contend these changes that seem to make a game easier can also sometimes equate to “more fun.” Yes, it would mean higher scores, but it would also mean longer sessions per level.

    If this mechanism seems too easy, would you be more open to it if it came with a penalty of some sort? Sliding combinations would net you only half the points? No points? NEGATIVE points? Personally, I’d like to give it a try penalty-free; it sounds like it’d be a lot of fun, but I’m not sure how it’d work out in the long term.



    Three thoughts:

    First, concerning the boomtown tournaments:

    Although I love the play, once the tournament is over, i can’t see where I ended up in the high scoring lists (because they disappear with the multi-player access). It would be good to give access to the high score lists for, say, the last three tournaments… And to enable this access whether or not a tournament is currently going on. Alternatively, an email could be sent that tells each player where they finished in the tourney.

    Second, concerning the treasure chests (whether in regular play or boomtown):

    I think it would be good to allow 3 of the small treasure chests to be built into a bigger on. Also, I think that the there should be one more level for the larger chests…

    Third, (more on the chests):

    Perhaps the combination of 3 of the smaller chests would, rather than give the larger chest, give a crystal… Anyway, I like the idea of being able to build something that would reliably present a crystal for use. This would add another potential strategy to the game…

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