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    K. Snow

    Love the game. Only bug I’ve noticed is that often when I go to watch an ad to get more honey, the screen just says “please wait” for a while and no ad shows up. It then goes back to the honey screen with no change in coins but with my number of times I can watch ads decreased. Sometimes it will do this three times in a row and then the watch ads button is greyed out saying it’s unavailable and to try again tomorrow. Essentially some days I don’t get extra honey because of this and just have to wait for the counter to tick away slowly untl I have enough to play.


    Please email a device log the next time this happens by following these instructions: . Note that there are some steps you should now (installing or configuring things), so that you’ll be ready to do the remaining steps immediately after the problem occurs. The log file will help us to diagnose the problem.


    K. Snow

    A few months ago the adds for both honey and coins stopped being options completely. Like, it’s not that they don’t work–they aren’t available. Every day. I haven’t been able to earn more coin or honey in ages. Should I e-mail support again, or is this a known bug?

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    Definitely not a known issue–just now I was able to watch ads for coins on both iOS and Android devices. Please email us a new device log by following the instructions on this page: . Also, in your email please let us know what geography you’re playing in as this can affect ad availability.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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