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    How does one make a new game? It’s kinda disheartening to find out there are only “old” games available after finishing a level and no chance of going for a speed run.

    What’s the deterrent for making a lot of money as fast as you can, and then selling everything and just building fire towers and building to the center and finishing the level?

    What are the “ice key mini bosses for”? I was able to build out to one and give it the wood it wanted (on an easy map) and it gave me more money, is that all they do is give more money? Seems like kind of a waste of 250 crowns (this one was already unlocked when I got to the map, however) After getting the reward, I was able to undo my towers and go back to a money making setup, is this intended behavior?

    I read “free players” are supposed to be able to get all the buildings somehow. I’ve finished 2 maps and I have 2 museums (I have no idea where they came from, though, I just started with them). My wife doesn’t have any museums. The maps haven’t rewarded us with new buildings or anything.

    I know these extra buildings are “limited.” What does that mean? Does that mean that if I have “one building” I can give it to one map and then it’s gone forever? Or once that map is over that “one building” goes back to my inventory to be reused?

    What comes in the starter packs (specifically the booster packs)? I’ve read the FAQ on the forums, but it seems to be a bit dated so I’m wondering what current information there is regarding booster packs.

    Are there plans for smaller maps? Other than the lack of information, there doesn’t seem to be much incentive to buy into the game when half the players on a map either only set up a starting area and never come back, build out to a mini-boss-tower and never come back, or actually finish. Of the three games my wife and I have played, she and I have done most of the work on the boss while a third person finally logged in a day or so later to finally finish it up. I know you can’t force other people to log in, and this is all about cooperation, it’s just disheartening to see things take so long just because other players aren’t keeping up.

    Ah, one more that I forgot: Where is the option to be a princess? My wife even made a second account to see if she missed this option somewhere in the tutorial/account creation. Yet she’s still stuck with “Prince AriannaMae”

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    I think everyone is a “Prince”

    Now in order. I’m not sure how the game making works, but when you level up, new maps open and idea is to join on the map in which least time has already passed(ideal is to be up to 6 hours, ofc best is to start from 0).

    To make as much money as possible, you have to use resources on hand the best way you can. Usually ull be surrounded by 1 type of resource, and few sources of other (for example, ull have almost only wood, or water in your base). Idea is usually to make Busts… Porcelain busts are ofc best, but just make the ones you have resources for. Sometimes you will have a spot which has mixed resources… on such spots, you will just produce what will bring most profit.

    On hard maps, Mini Bosses will block your way to the main Boss. Sometimes getting around them will cost you 1-2 extra torches, and that is a lot of money(depending on amount of your torches, it can be from 300-600k gold!!). And if you clear them, not only do you save the torches, but you also get some gold as reward. You also get some exp. Yes, it is expensive to buy keys, but you get “Crowns”, which are actually P2P currency in this game, each time you finish a level. I’m not sure if amount of crowns depends on your overall success in the game.

    Maps sometimes give extra buildings, but you should keep those for later on, when you will actually have a great strategic use of them. I have 10 special buildings which i got trough the course of game. Also, there are 3 core items every player have, and those are “Tracks”, “Train station”, and “Stone path”. To get them, just click your chest icon on left of the screen. Than click on these 3(they will appear in your inventory on the left, and will become transparent in your chest). After that, click “Ship to world”. NOTE: There will be a warning saying that once something is commit, you can’t get it back, or smthing like that. This is true, so if you commit and item that is expandable(like “special” items), you wont be able to use it for some other game. But as “Tracks”, “Train station” and “Stone path” are infinite, you can use them as much as you want.

    I don’t know about extra packs, because I dont buy anything, someone else has to give you the answer.

    I haven’t had problems with inactive players myself… Maybe as you level up, you will be offered games that have also people with higher lvl, and they usually don’t just take a spot and than disappear.



    – The only way for players to make new games is a “map” item you can get from packs (not sure if they also exist as loot). My impression is that otherwise, new games get created serverside (as I’ve joined games as the first player in the past). There’s not always a totally fresh game available, but if you can find one that’s under a day old, that usually won’t put you behind too far.
    And yeah, as you progress in level, more difficult maps will open up. More difficult maps usually also have less inactive players.

    – There is no deterrent to making money, then selling and building to the boss. On the contrary, how many stars you are rewarded for a level depends on how fast you finish it. But I kind of have to laugh at “making lots of money really fast” – both your starter space and resources limit the amount of money you can make at any time, so I might want to argue there’s no such thing really. The answer above also has some on that :)

    – The loot system is currently nothing to speak of/awaiting overhaul. Buying ice keys is definitely not worth it at the moment, not sure about booster packs.
    And yes, it’s indended behaviour that you can go back to your moneymaking setup after you beat a miniboss. It’s just a miniboss after all, not the big boss.

    – Buildings and limited use have been addressed above…

    – Plans for smaller maps: That would be a question for the devs, but I think player preferences differ here. Some like when it takes longer and when there’s not many active players, some like as much interaction as possible, etc. The suggestion of less players total per map has been made a few times, though.

    – Princesses: There is no such option. Everyone’s first prince is a Prince. Everyone’s second prince (not a second account: a second prince for your current account that you can buy with crowns) is a Princess. The third is always a Baron, and so on. Personally I really like this, but if I remember correctly, giving everyone the choice is in the plans and coming eventually.

    Hope that helps a bit.



    For the mini-bosses, if multiple people contribute to finishing off the tower, then how is the reward divvied up? For instance, the one map I finished off the mini boss, I got 200k gold (just an example, I don’t remember what I really got), if someone else had helped with that, would it have been 100k each, or full value for each player that contributed to finishing the towers?



    I think I understood your question about beating the boss wrong! Well, Silverthorn said everything about it, I just wanted to add that, if you want more exp, and i guess you do, because you want more options(more maps) opened to you, having big income will bring more exp. Every 200 gold you get from collecting things brings you 1 exp, while gold you get from trades(note it has to be under “Value from trading”) brings you 1 exp for 100 income. Ofc, for me, who has 800 exp to fill to get a lvl, it is not much, but if you get in some hard game(like my current one, where we have to make 3 different shields(that means at least 4 players working together, and preferably 5-6), and than combine them into something bigger(in our world, we need chocolate statue, shadow scepter, shadow amulet, shadow crown, ice and ice statue) and when we do all the trading, im guessing all of us together will have around 10k or even more gold just under “Value of trading”, and this is the gold you get when you ship someone something, and than they deliver it to their palace or altar.

    So to make it short, yeah, it would be nice if you kept your moneymaking routes.

    Also one more thing i remembered. If you are trying to conquer a Mini boss, you will want to try out the new “Save snapshot” option. It will enable you to get back to moneymaking right after beating the mini boss. If you need some explanation on snapshots, feel free to ask! ;)

    I’m not sure about the reward, but i think everyone get’s same amoun. So if you did it alone, and got 100k, i think that if someone helped, both of you would get 100k(instead of 50-50 or whatever were the odds on totem filling)

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    Yeah, all players contributing to a miniboss get the same things and amounts of things, the reward does not get divvied up.
    This is why it’s usually considered polite/good playing practise to share the minibosses among the group if possible, even if it’s just by transporting over, say, 1 food from one of your neighbours or using their water instead of yours in making an alcohol or something.



    Hm, directly relating to “first you get a prince, then a princess, then a baron.” When making your account, it specifically says “choose your name and gender” and there is no option to choose gender. That’s why I was confused about how to choose whether you’re a prince or princess.



    Well it is probably an upcoming feature. Please note that game is in 0.158.130628.2 (beta) version. Beta. I’m pretty sure you know what “Beta” stage in developing anything means. So maybe it is an upcoming feature, or it is an idea that was not completely dropped, but was put on hold due to some more serious bugs that needed to be fixed. So be patient. And I’m pretty sure the most important thing about this game is gender of your yellow jelly that rules over small piece of land. ;)



    Gender of your character is important to us and coming up. :-) We’ve been distracted lately by the progression and crafting systems.

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