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    Hi folks!

    Road Not Taken now contains two difficulty modes, “normal” and “hard.” The latter, hard mode, is basically what the default mode of the game used to be. The new “normal” mode has less crowded rooms on average, easier-to-reach and use checkpoints, smaller door locks on average, and various other subtle changes that make it a little less difficult. It should still present a challenge to people who have not yet mastered the game.

    One major change is that for *both* normal and hard mode players, we have made shrines (aka checkpoints) less punishing to use. You will keep a percentage of your items when you die and restore via checkpoint. Another change to both modes is that various objects now have a very small chance of dropping an object with thrown. Usually it’s a good object like food or resources, and it’s always the same object (i.e. a parent will always drop an apple when thrown, if it is going to drop anything at all.)

    Another major change is the appearance of a new critter in the forest! Fans of our previous games will no doubt recognize it. :-)

    As always, we’re grateful for your feedback and support. This update is a direct result of the opinions you have so kindly shared with us in the forums. Please keep ’em coming!


    PS. Playstation 4 users who happen to be reading this: we’ll be migrating these changes to you eventually as well. It just takes a lot longer because of the Playstation certification process.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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