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    OK, assuming this is accurate: http://eskay.homenet.org/leapday/, what do people think?

    Here are the main categories.

    Same Ingredients, But More Of Them
    Brick, Mulled Wine, Mahna mahna, Poison Ring, Pink Flamingo

    I’m pretty skeptical of these. Yeah, the multipliers go up, but you’re making things a lot harder on yourself if you actually need these items for a boss or for an ingredient to something else.

    Same Ingredients, But Fewer Of Them
    Cat Statue, CrockPot, Porcelain Bust

    These, on the other hand, seem great. Multipliers still go up, so you can make multiple cheap Cats if you want simple money. But now it’s easier to go up a chain and make lots of spyglasses or whatever.

    Skip Earlier Factories, Or Disappearing Ingredients
    Ice Bust, Flour, Chili, Incense, Sundial

    There are a mix of these, with some really simplifying the recipe to only a couple inputs, and other taking more lower-level inputs. Some are a mix of both. These look decent for the most part. There are some pretty severe multiplier hits here (ice bust!) that give me pause, but the sundials look pretty good.

    Random Ingredients Added
    Stone Ring, Hearty Meals, Ice Statue

    Uh, no thanks. If I want to build something complicated and expensive, I’ll just build something complicated and expensive. No need to screw up my nice simple stone rings.

    Increased Multiplier, No Other Changes.
    Mana, Crystal Shield, Jewelry Box

    Yep, solid.

    It seems obvious to me that you want to lean toward SIBFOTs and IMNOCs. Some of the other upgrades seem more likely to hurt than to help (flamingos!) — what am I missing with these?

    I still haven’t really figured out how to efficiently get the golden treasures that you want.

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    Well flamingos do go up in value quite sharply: Level 15 flamingos are worth almost 3 times the level 0, despite requiring only twice the ingredients. I still wouldn’t buy it, of course.

    For the “increased modifier, no other changes” category, some of the major-level modifier increases are less dramatic than they look, since there are minor upgrades between. For example, barrels hit value 13 well before level 5, so the level 5 major upgrade does nothing immediate.

    I agree with your conclusions – I don’t yet know what the complicating recipes are for. Though I haven’t tried tracing through their trees to see what happens when you stack more than one of them.

    While in general I want to make my items simpler, it might be worth specializing one line for cash, if it’s one you expect to be able to build on lots of maps but not to need for bosses or shrines.

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    Honestly, I’d like to see the advancement system structured like a flexible talent tree, where you can set and store different profiles (say maybe 3 slots free, purchase more for crowns?). That would help cut down on people being scared to to commit to a given build.

    I can definitely see how if you’re starting in a forest, it would be great to make more efficient use of the wood surplus, but being locked into that would be terrible when you have a more balanced resource pool or worse yet, one that is light on trees.



    Here’s what happens when you stack complicating recipes. This is the value of the lvl30 desk with the following lvl30 prerequisites:
    barrel, spirits, polished gems, lumber, whiskey, chair, jewelry box.

    And after that, the lvl 5 black whiskey, with an additional lvl 30 for oak and black oak:

    Input for the whiskey, at that point, is of course over 50 water and over 30 wood.
    I don’t know what the greater insanity is, that this is possible or that someone would dedicate all their playing time to making only these goods to get only these golden goods etc. Even just thinking about it is kinda painful o_o

    (Though who knows, someday, three players who each have three of the required goods at lvl 30 might build something like this together. In which case I would start raging about the current trade system doubly rewarding the person that does the finishing touch.)



    @silverthorn: Also, presumably, only the person who combined the final item would have a chance for upgrades?



    Right, the golden goods have a chance to spawn only for the person with the factory making that good.

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