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    Anyone else want to see unlimited gold games?

    I like the current game type where you have to maximize income over time through efficiency, but some days I just want to start a game and finish it within an hour or two. Immediate gratification :)

    Initially, the same maps would be fine, but the number of players might have to be limited (2 players where rings are needed, 4 with shields, etc.).

    Also, matchmaking might need to be changed a bit, such that games wouldn’t start until the max players condition was met. Not sure about that point, though…

    Pretty please?

    (It sure is quiet in the forums since the recipe changes…sheesh).



    Without challenge it is not a game per say anymore, merely a training field (like the tutorial games)
    You have to put one limitation to make it a challenging puzzle : infinite gold with limited resources, fixed gold amount, …



    Still some of my favorite games in leapday were the single player hard games. The requirements were 30 minutes to make 7/8 alters with only a few million gold. The alters ranged in difficulty from rowboats to spirits, but you had to deal with time, money, and space limitations – the results were short, INTENSE games.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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