Unbeatable (reasonably) Mr. Jones game?

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    We appear to be in a Mr. Jones game where the map generation algorithm hasn’t given us enough food to reasonably win. One player counted the berry bushes and there are ~150 of them which just barely gives us the 300 food needed for 6 Flamingos.

    While this is mathematically possible, I don’t know that it’s especially fair (or fun) to require that one map resource approach (or attain) 100% efficiency map-wide in order to win.


    Is this how such a game is intended to play out or is this a problem with the map generation algorithms?


    We’ve added more berry bushes to this particular game. Hopefully it’s enough that the game is now winnable. We also have a to-do item to improve map generation to take this kind of stuff into account.

    If other folks find themselves in similar situations (there just aren’t enough natural resources in the world to defeat the boss), please email support@spryfox.com and let us know.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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