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    I encountered two strange things this evening while playing. First was throwing a mole at the edge of the screen:
    Image 1

    I couldn’t pick it up at this point at all, but thankfully stacking the other moles near it still enabled me to open the door.

    The second is kind of bizarre:
    Image 2

    I was in this room and left, and when I returned these two bushes just magically appeared in there. I’m positive they weren’t there the first time! Unless leaving this room and returning is “punished” in some way? It seemed weird so I figured it was better to report it!

    (Sorry, I tried to embed, but I forgot that Dropbox gets cranky with such things.)

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    The first issue you mentioned is very strange… Does this issue still occur for you? If it does, could you send us more information on how you got this to occur? This FAQ page has guidelines on reporting issues to us: https://spryfox.zendesk.com/entries/50260620-How-do-I-report-a-problem-in-Road-Not-Taken-

    The second issue you mentioned is probably caused by crafting. When you craft objects, often the objects that you used to craft will reappear in another room, especially if the object is a key object used to open doors. (If this doesn’t properly address your issue, please provide us with additional information so we can take a closer look!)

    Please get back to us!

    Ray (Spry Fox Support)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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