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    I have been a massive fan of TT, but today for some reason it has started to crash all the time. It happens when I place certain items in a certain place on the board (eg a crystal to make three of a kind). It crashes and when I restart I need to do a few moves to get back to that point and if I again place in the same place it will crash again. This is happening around every 20 or 30 moves, and I have been playing for a year without bother and for a couple of months on latest version. I am on a Samsung Galaxy SII, anyone else getting the same issue or have any suggestions ? Is it data related and would uninstalling TT help ? Thanks !


    If I’m correct, you’re already communicating with Ray about this issue, so thanks for doing that. If that’s not you, please email regarding this issue.



    I am having the exact same problem. it probably started about two weeks ago and whenever I use a crystal or try to make a 3 of anything it freezes. also if I don’t stop tapping it as soon as the error occurs it locks up my whole phone and have to take the battery out to reset. I love Triple Town!!!!! I told my coworkers about it I don’t want to have to stop playing it but this is getting out of hand. Please help!!!



    Hi, I’m having troubles too. As I can see the game crashes reaching 20.000 points. I’ve tried it on normal and lake mode and it crashes on the same way

    If it helps, this problem has appeared after buy the complete version and signed with Google+



    There is a known problem on Google Play devices that we are currently looking into. We think that some kind of change has occurred in the way the Google+ service handles Achievements. There are achievement for reaching certain point thresholds (20,000 points, 50,000 points, etc.), for making certain objects, for killing more than 6 bears in a single move, and a number of other things.

    If you’re on a Google Play device, please try signing out of Google+ as described in this FAQ:

    If the problem goes away, please leave the game disconnected from Google+ until the next Triple Town update comes out (the current version is 1.88.5). If the problem does not go away, please email ; you have a different problem and we’d like to hear about it.


    Thanks everyone for your patience!

    We’ve just released an update that should fix this issue. It may take some time for the update to propagate to the Google Play server that serves you, so if you don’t see the updated version then please wait a few hours and try again. I imagine that 8 hours would be sufficient time to have the change propagate to everyone.

    After you’ve taken the update, please follow the instructions here to check the version number:

    The fixed version is 1.88.6g. Sometimes devices will download older versions from the app market if the change is still propagating, so please double-check that 1.88.6g is in fact what got installed.

    Assuming all is well, you should be able to connect your game to Google+ again and play without crashing:

    If you still have problems or encounter new problems, please email

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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