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    TL;DR: A giant spider trapped me in a room and I can’t teleport out. Even if I rescue all the children, I’m stuck in that room. Bug or puzzle?

    Hi all, I’m at year 15 and I found a room with the last three children I need. It also had three baby spiders and one giant spider. When I take two steps in the room, the big spider shoots a web, disappears, and I find that I can’t leave through either exit (though they seem open), and I can’t teleport back to the mayor. Teleporting causes the flash but leaves me on the exact same tile.

    The only solution I’ve found is to close the app (playing on iPhone 5s) and restart. Unfortunately, after doing this a few times, the save point got bumped up so the room is no longer in a pristine state (I’ve used the ax to throw a stone across the room and at the big spider in a failed attempt to freeze it and prevent it from disappearing).

    I thought this was a cryptic puzzle, but I got clever and brought a parent in the room with me, then rearranged all the children so I could grab them with one parent (and win the game). When I do this, I get my 45 points for rescuing them, and the game goes into an endless useless teleporting loop: I keep vanishing and reappearing in the same spot. I took many screen shots. I don’t know how to record video on an iPhone, and I’m not sure of the best was to post photos here (I see that I can use HTML tags, but where should I upload the photos?).

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    Definitely a bug. There are no puzzles that intentionally prevent teleporting to the mayor, nor are there puzzles that would prevent you from walking through an open door. The Spider is hard, but it sounds like you found a legitimate way to beat it that unfortunately doesn’t get around the software bug.

    Please email with your screenshots and a link to this thread. Our Support Team will try to figure out a way out of this situation, and we’ll also report the bug to the programmers.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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