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    One thing that I did find interesting with the old Stars goals (with the old timed system) was that people would try to maximize team income after “beating” a boss (pretty much solved, but one item was left undelivered in order to get three+ stars). While this didn’t really fit in with that system, since this tended to draw out games artificially and painfully, I am wondering if this would make a good game mode in of itself.

    What if we were to have a game where the boss has no altars, but requires a combined team income of 100000 (or 200000 or whatever) per day? It would encourage team effort, and it would be interesting, since you would essentially be required to make higher tier items (or a lot of mid-to-high tier items) but you wouldn’t be forced to make a particular set of items.

    It would also be interesting since everyone in the game would contribute to the goal, even if they just created a path from a resource directly to their collector. It would be fun to try and maximize income… which is something everyone tries to do anyways in existing games (except that in existing games, the rush for income kind of stops mid-game, where it changes to trying to assemble the goods required).

    I could see this being fun. I’d play it. ^_^

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