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    Thanks, there’s some really interesting info in your post. Some of it lines up with what I’d concluded already, and some is new. How certain are you about each of those? Did you test it pretty thoroughly, or are some pieces still hypothetical? If so, which parts are you sure about?



    The first two points I’m certain about, they’re both tested.
    I’d been wondering why we are getting absolutely flooded with Sophistos and Cougarinas recently, so was pretty happy about finding out and spent a good while making sure this was how it worked, lots of account switching, getting other players to look, etc.
    It’s of course possible there are additional ways in which these maps spawn that I have no idea about, like once every x days/hours or something.

    The joining-abandoning thing I’ve done many many times, so there’s no doubts there.

    The third point is pure extrapolation from observation, so it’s fair to call that hypothetical. Observations are the order and number and runtime of maps showing up in a given tier when doing “join-abandon”/”join-then continue with second heir” either to get rid of the above-mentioned flooding or to find a certain map, at a number of different points in time, both with active games still needing players existing in the tier and with no apparent active games needing more players.



    Great info, thanks again for sharing!



    Today I learned that dreams really do come true:

    When you hover over a flan house or duplex, a train or a hopping train station, their corresponding flan or train lights up, just a little!

    Doesn’t work for Haulers. oddly.



    If someone abandons a game, you cant invite them back to it.



    Workaround: Invite someone else and have them abandon. Now you can invite the first person again.



    If you press the space bar, you center back on your castle!



    Today, I learned something about crafting goods:
    It seems that picking up goods and clearing the shop happens immediately during a turn.

    Using the following observation link, notice that the shop at 14,9 has the item picked up, and the berry during the same “turn”.
    NOTE: It only works when the flan delivering the stone and food is newer than the flans on the pickup route. This leads me to believe that during each “turn” it processes each flan seperately on whether it can complete a task before looking at others.


Viewing 8 posts - 16 through 23 (of 23 total)

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