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    I figured it might be nice to have a thread where people mention little facts they learned about the game, ideally ones that are easily overlooked and likely to stay unnoticed for a long time. Of course, the thread shouldn’t be limited to that, anything interesting or useful is welcome. Also, please don’t feel restricted to stuff you learned literally today. I’m just stealing the name from the subReddit, since that’s what I’m patterning this (loosely) after.

    I’m also working on a bigger project for the Tips & Tricks forum, so I’ll try to include any of the utilitarian stuff people post here in that as well.

    First off, the bit of info that made me think of doing a LeapDay TIL:
    –Frozen catapults will still receive goods being launched from an active one.

    ***** Processing time: With 1 frame being the time it takes a flan to hop on a stone path…
    –Catapults: The good will be available at the receiving catapult 2 frames after loading into the launching catapult, regardless of distance.
    –Factories: Produced goods will be available for pickup 2 frames (maybe 1.5?) after accepting the last component. That means a flan that drops off the last good then hops onto a stone path by the output will move away too quickly to pick up. You need to use a wood path by the output, or deliver to the factory 2 stone path tiles before the output.
    –Cranes: Goods will be available for pickup 1 frame (0.5 frames?) after loading. I don’t have wood paths just now, so can’t check.

    –It takes 4 cranes to transfer at perfect efficiency from a fully loaded stone path to a fully loaded train loop.

    –Fast Trains are so fast that if they are on a 2×2 loop picking up from a factory (and offloading into a crane/other factory/etc), they will come around to the factory output again before a new good is available.

    ***** Priority: The first one is a bit more obvious, but it sets up the ones following…
    –When there is a conflict between where a flan will pick up or drop off, they will always go in the priority of “ahead > right > left”
    –When two flan are both trying to take the same action and only one can, a flan facing the object gets priority over flan who are walking sideways by the object. If both are beside it, I don’t know if flan with the object on the right get priority over flan with the object on the left or not. I’ll have to test this out.
    –If priority is tied (eg, both flan facing the object), the tiebreaking factor is which house was placed first. This can lead to identical setups having different outcomes, depending on what pieces were placed first.

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    If both are beside it, I don’t know if flan with the object on the right get priority over flan with the object on the left or not. I’ll have to test this out.

    Tested. It’s considered a tied priority.

    TIL: If you’re mentoring and the person you’re working with drops out, it’s still possible to finish the game if you can reach all of the towers. It just takes longer. I have no idea why anybody would do this, other than the reason I did (“Because I can,”) but it’s possible.



    Thanks for checking!

    TIL: If you have a bunch of regular trains back to back, a hopping train going in the opposite direction forces them to space out so they occupy every other tile instead. Useful for getting even distribution on loops, even if the areas available for placing stations are say, all on one side of the loop.



    I’ve just been advised that house priority wins out over facing.

    My experience had never had that being the case before, but in testing just now (literally seconds ago), that seems to be true.


    >> –Frozen catapults will still receive goods being launched from an active one.

    Nice one, Delha! I had no idea it was possible.



    Well, in fairness, some of these are just relaying info that others in my group have discovered. Both the frozen catapult and train spacing tricks are things I’m passing along.

    I do like the frozen catapult trick quite a bit since it’s so unusual. I’m not sure I can come up with any realistic game scenarios where I’d actually use it, but definitely hoping to sometime.



    Can you collect from a frozen catapult? When I’ve seen it the item stays on the drop target, but doesn’t fall into the pickup pad.



    I’d assume not. I was figuring the point would be to treat the launching catapult as a dumpoff mechanism for unwanted cargo.

    Here are my thoughts:
    –I can definitely see scenarios where a 2×2 (catapult) fits and a 3×3 (factory) does not.
    –If you’ve got room for a catapult, you’ve got room for a pair of cranes, both outputting into empty space (so no danger of another flan picking up).
    –Cranes are also cheaper than catapults
    –2 cranes max out at 2 goods disposed, so multiple frozen catapults allow you to dump more overall.

    From the above, I figure you end up with only very narrow cases where this would be good. You would need at least 3 goods to be dumped (or a situation where the 2 cranes wouldn’t work due to placement issues, and you still needed to dump at least 2 goods). Additionally, you’d have enough cash for extra catapults, but not enough to just place extra torches (since the easier and more effective version is to use 2 catapults and have the receiving one offload into a loop of flan/etc that go nowhere).



    Confirmed not; the good arrives on the target but does not move to the pickup spot (no animation, not available)

    The only positive use I can think of is as a suggested target for someone else- allowing you to test your layout a bit before they expand and put a catapult.



    Thanks for the info!



    TIL: If I’m selling something that I just need to clear away for the sake of a different road, and I can’t get at least ten gold per piece of raw material, it’s actually profitable to throw it in a junk factory.



    Regarding what dombeast said;

    Half a month ago I learned, in DuraDura, a junking factory beats out Ice for profit on water, even with a value shrine;

    Junk has a trade value of 17 for the giver;

    Junk is not devalued by curses but is appropriately buffed by value shrines.

    Makes me wish I could earn Golden Junk :)
    (Pushing Porcelain Busts is still better)



    Haha, yeah… I love junk mining. I once made a point of trying to farm as much junk as possible (without tearing down my other production). I think I got somewhere around the 1.5k – 2k range.

    Our crew has developed a tradition of using only highly pretentious factories for junk mining, so Black Hearts & Flamingoes are popular, though the occasional Crown or Statue factory may sneak in as well.



    TIL that, similar to flan priority, when two catapults are waiting to throw into a target catapult, the oldest of the two will throw first.



    TIL a bit more about the map spawning mechanism…

    – Questions remain, but here’s why we are recently seeing a ton of Sophistos and Cougarinas:
    Sophisto becomes visible at L8, Cougarina at L14. All other medium maps require a level higher than 8, all other hard maps a higher level than 14.
    Whenever a player that is L8 opens then game selection window and there isn’t one at the time, a new Sophisto spawns. Whenever a player that is L14 opens the game selection window and there isn’t one at the time, a new Cougarina spawns.
    This is because it’s the only map in that difficulty tier they could play, and so it needs to be offered. Since it’s also the map with lowest level requirement, it promptly gets layered on top of everything else.

    As it happens, if, as a new player (L6 after tutorial), you contribute a few things to your Sad Uncle and finish it in reasonable time, you end up L14 after (~200 XP). I imagine you might just end up L8 if you do barely anything in your first Uncle and it takes an unusually long time to finish.

    – If there is a fresh, unstarted map in your game selection window and you don’t want to play it, but you want a different map of that difficulty tier, join and immediately abandon again (before anyone else joins). This removes the map, and you get to see the next one in the rotation.

    – Common rotation seems to go according to level requirement. Ie, for hard games, the order you see should usually be Cougarina, Twins, Dura. There may be multiples of one of these layered on top of each other, so it you get rid of one unstarted Cougarina, it’s possible there’s five more underneath before you get to see a Twins. Already running maps might get precedence over older unstarted ones, so it’s also possible you get rid of a Cougarina, see a started Dura underneath, join it with one heir, and then see five more Cougarinas on your other heir.

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