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    I bought Triple Town during GOG’s xmas sale and have been enjoying mostly, but there are definitely some issues. This review by someone else on GOG’s site sums up my feelings nicely:

    Addictive puzzler that can’t quite conceal its “freemium” origins
    I’m deeply in love with the core game mechanic of Triple Town, the game looks and plays great, and if it felt like a proper standalone release, it’d be an easy 5-star candidate for me.
    Unfortunately, while I’m glad that the developer removed any in-game purchase elements before releasing it on GOG (I wouldn’t have touched the thing with a 10-ft pole otherwise), it quickly becomes apparent that the other scourge of “freemium” gaming is still intact: Namely, the amount of in-game currency that you get for completing tasks is so negligible that you have to play hours and hours to be able to buy a few measly extras. Of course, in F2P games this is usually done on purpose to coax you into paying real-world money to get ahead, but with that path gone, what’s left is a puzzle game with great potential that’s bogged down by a frustratingly grind-heavy progression balance.”

    Any chance of a rebalance in the “full version” to make it a bit less grindy?



    Same as above. Takes way to long to get any where.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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