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    I decided to start a thread to discuss what people think about the golden goods and recipie leve to make it easier to consolidate all the different thoughts out there.
    My observations will be listed below, and feedback is appreciated:

    Having played a few games, and having earned some golden goods and upgrading with them, I have come up with some points that may need to be addressed.

    1. Golden Chests seem to require open ground on either unclaimed land or your land to appear. Furthermore, the Chests tend to appear next to the factory of the good they hold. There are a few problems with this method, the most important is that you may not get the goods you have “earned”. Because the chest needs open space near the factory of the good it is for, the crowded resources and larger area for the palace and factories are probably lowering the chance of getting chests. Also, it is possible you may not receive any if your setup for crafting uses up all open tiles in your land and other players have claimed all the land around you.

    Possible Solution: Like the Museum, tie the golden goods to the palace, with some indication when you have some earned. This ensures the chance is not affected by how crowded your area is.

    This leads me to:

    2. A player must be online to obtain the goods, and also must collect them before the boss has been defeated. What I mean by this is that, while the golden chests might accumulate while you are not online, you have to log in and click on them to receive the good. This benefits people who can be on the game 10 out of 24 hours each day, as they can quickly snap up any chests that appear. But for those who can only get on once in a while, this puts them at a disadvantage. Especially since once the boss has been beaten, there is currently no way to collect the chests you have earned.

    Possible Solution: During the game, leave collection alone, but once the boss has been defeated, automatically give each player the golden goods they have earned but not collected as loot.



    Once the boss has been defeated, Golden Goods can be picked up in post-game chat, or if they’re left behind, they appear near your palace in your new game. I assume the same is true if a golden chest is unable to find free space.



    ^ What he said.
    Your observations, James, don’t really match with what I’ve seen/done. And since you can’t train anything if you’re not online either, I’m not sure what advantage an automatically picked up chest while you’re offline would get you.

    Personally I also really like having to pick the chests up manually, it’s a bit like treasure hunting. We even have the beam of light over them now. Would be a lot more boring to just be awarded them in a list after a game. :/

    That being said, here are two things that I’m worried about:

    – Vault space, naturally. It’s been mentioned before. It’s not really possible to plan a good upgrade path if you have to either train your stuff right away or toss your goldens. After the outage yesterday, for example, I was three rows in the red with my goldens.
    I’d much prefer if the goldens never showed up in the vault, but only on the training tab or something like that.

    And a little bit related to that:

    – The seeming arbitrariness of the buildings required for major upgrades.
    Example: I have a prince with l4 flour. L5 flour saves me an entire factory, so that’s something I want to do. But for that, I need to loot a duplex. The boss that drops the duplex is the Dark Lorde (not sure if there are others). Um, yeah, so anyone that wants to get their flour to l5 has to beat the Dark Lorde first. Given the monster task that is currently, I wonder how much sense that makes.
    So people don’t only have to farm or grind goldens, they also have to play maps they might not be up for to be able to proceed.
    It’s a giant hurdle on some of the l5’s for sure. Compared to how easy it is to receive five goldens, the building requirements don’t really seem to scale right.



    Truth be told, I usually leave the world immediately when a boss is defeated, so I have never noticed any chests post-game. Maybe a message saying that golden chests will be lost before you leave a game would help people who don’t notice them.

    If there was automatic pickup, it would only happen after a game is over; meaning during the game you still get the treasure hunting of finding the chests. I agree the goods shouldn’t take up vault space though.

    There also should just be the goods requirement for leveling up, since skill points don’t really serve any other purpose if you can’t use them without goods.

    I also haven’t had any chests appear in new games when I first start, but I’m not sure how you would know if a chest is from a previous game.
    Do the chests show up as soon as you start a new game, or after you craft goods?
    Are the goods available from your last game, or based on what you’re crafting in the new one?
    Say I focused on leveling up perfume and only made perfume in a game, never picking up the chests.
    If I start a new game and decide to do polished gems, would I have chests appear with golden perfume in them?



    Chests that carry over from your last game are based on what you made last game, and they usually show up pretty soon after you start, even though not always immediately. No chests get lost, anyhow.
    So yeah, if you made perfume and have chests left over and then make polished gems in a new game, you’d still get any perfume chests you didn’t pick up. If nothing like that has ever happened to you, it just means you haven’t missed any chests :)

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