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    …says the guy with the Spike deck.




    LOL :)
    yah, its true that skeles suck, except against wound. but all he needs is a backrow spike to wound ashara. a which point you lose if you dont have a drake.



    Ashara Ashara Ino Ino



    if skelly is lame against everything but wound then play my skellys with a barb deck



    @aiee6 – Challenge “Monkeh” with your non-wound deck. :)

    I was playing against a rank 30-ish player who had obviously lucked out by getting a spike, and had no qualms about using it as a win button against new players. All of a sudden he runs up against a deck that eats spikes for breakfast and accuses me of being cheap. :D I had to chuckle about the irony in that one.



    I just encountered my first Ashara Deck. I got down to two, but by then I got two Blights and a complete dogpack out and topped his max damage. Nothing he could do anymore. Nice experience.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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