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    @kheldar633 — actually, yes, the current plan is to return to the factory-based gameplay, among other changes. That said, it’s worth noting that the version of the game you loved had absolutely *terrible* retention. Out of 100 people who played the game, maybe one or two actually stuck around for a little while. More bosses and whatnot would not have helped; the vast majority of folks were quitting well before they saw even a fraction of the bosses we already had. Leap Day, in both its past and current incarnations, simply isn’t a viable free to play game.



    Can you share more information like that? I’m with Kheldar on loving the original factory based gameplay. That’s why I paid $20.
    That being said, it feels like there is a definite lack of depth to the gameplay, which was what the star rating was intended for.

    What version had the best retention / spawned the most number of paid users?



    Hi All,

    Sorry for the long delay in responding. However, we’re excited about the future of the game and have begun work toward making it happen. We do hesitate to give a lot of information before we release something. Mostly that’s because things change and it’s challenging enough to keep things flowing with the development team.

    But here is where things are headed:

    * We are looking to put the game on Steam as a retail game. As we said before, we will try and give free keys for those who have given the game money. (Also, we very much appreciate the continued support.) We will likely get it there as soon as the bare-bones are ready. We hope to re-grow the game based very much on your feedback so we’ll want to get our existing players all playing the new game. We will re-invest in the game for as long as it makes sense.

    * The game will be re-themed and it will be awesome.

    * Long live factories! No more shoppes.

    * Vaults will probably go away. Restrictions on what you use will likely be tied to the world. That said, there may be worlds where you can use any item.

    * There will be a strong solo component but we intend to support co-op as well.

    * Perhaps most controversially, we will likely get rid of “gold accumulation”. The gold you have available on a world is the gold you have and is tied to the mission. This will remove a lot of the negative tension of feeling like you should tear all your stuff up and it will also allow individuals and teams to set their own pace of play.

    There are a host of other things we’d like to do such as providing mod support and allowing people to run their own servers but those are beyond the basics and will get visited at a later time.

    Of course any or all of this could change so don’t hold us to it but we are excited and energized about where this can go. It’s been freeing to imagine a relative rebuild using all the parts of the game that work and stripping out the things that don’t.




    Sounds very interesting! I look forward to the next iteration!



    I look forward to being able to play the classic game again and am happy you chose Steam for the delivery system since that’s where the bulk of my games live, these days. Hopefully the increased visibility of that platform will allow you to reach out to a larger audience as well.



    I very much enjoyed playing (Silaero in game) and am looking forward to see what will change with this new direction in development.



    Any timetable updates for Leap Day on Steam?



    I’m late to this party, but if the devs are still interested in feed-back: I don’t know why people don’t like shoppes – I can’t even remember what the difference was between factories and shoppes. The major annoyance I’ve had with this game is simply not having a proper lobby, where you can find people in the same or compatible time zones and make up groups of players that you know are not going to screw you around or who are below your level.

    There should be some sort of level restraint on what games or groups you can enter, and while it’d still be good to have an option for throwing together randoms, players should be given the opportunity to play further with those they have met whose play style and attitude they find agreeable. I’ve played with players using other languages just by using Google Translate, and that was freakin’ difficult because you can’t copy and paste to/from that damned simplistic chat window! And there is no personal messaging system as someone else bemoaned above.

    For a multi-player co-op game, this games has lacked a lot of the standard ways to interact in such a game for a long time, and possibly just fixing those things would have had more people playing. We’re all familiar with trying to mentor someone who somehow doesn’t see the flashing chat button and can’t see anything you’re typing to them. If they received a message window pop-up that they had to ok to remove, that alone might make your retention rate a different story. If people could more easily play with their friends as well as make new friends and specifically select them to play with, also a major difference. If the internet has taught us anything, it’s that folks love to share stuff – how can you share anything if you can’t put a group of your friends together in the same game? Three players could get together and start a game and still allow other randoms in to help out and when they notice someone who is competent or friendly and willing to learn, BAM – new online friend. No one likes being stuck in a game with people that do nothing, waiting for other to finish so they can take what they don’t deserve, and no one likes being stuck in a game with people below their level or who might be six years old and just screwing around with no idea how to actually play. The invite system is alright, but no substitute for a proper lobby system, IMO.



    Game with a great concept, risky updates/expansions, and eventually a lack of appeal to mass audience.
    I remember playing the first few Leap Day games and being unable to wait for another chance to do it again and improve. As the recipe method changed and the “friendly” beta phase went away, things started becoming too complex and geared towards a niche of people who really wanted a challenge out of the games.

    It is interesting to compare Leap Day to a game like Transformice. The latter is less eloquent, gameplay style is very intuitive but dreadfully simple and yet there are some depths in it for people to dig into. The community tends to be horrible given the general appeal to younger audience/”any gamer” but it is quite popular as heck since it is easily accessible. Leap Day had a special core element in gameplay that really shines on decision making, planning, co-operative play, and discovery. The feeling you get when you accomplish certain loops and patterns is great and compelling.

    While I think there could have been a better way to handle in hindsight, the game itself and management were both pretty solid. I am sorry to hear about your decision but I hope some people would still like it and bond in a small but closely-knit community.

    Good luck



    If the eventual redesign of Leap Day includes golden goods, I would appreciate it if they all appeared at a specific location, or if they had an indicator that could be used to locate them.

    I hate searching my entire area and checking behind my palace and my shoppes in hopes of finding the next chest.

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