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    Hi Devs,

    My crew and I have pretty much mastered all the current maps and would like a new challenge. We love the game but we’re getting a bit bored with it and that makes us sad. Is it possible/easy to reintroduce Mr. Jones with 4 Flamingos? We believe we have our recipes upgraded enough to tackle that (Oscan has lv15 Absinth!). Also, we think the level requirement should be raised to keep the unprepared from being overwhelmed. We would all appreciate it a super lot.



    /sign /sign /sign /sign /sign /sign /sign



    Just a quick, slightly desperate reprise.
    A good team of just four people can, by now, take down the Lorde in less than 12 hours, start to finish, with relative ease, and Lorde is still definitely the hardest of the maps. It may be obvious what that means for the others.

    We’re struggling a bit to keep up and keep in touch with the team we’ve grown and grown to like. Since everyone’s at wildly varying levels of familiarity with each other outside the game and all, it’s quite difficult.
    So usually, eventually, we’ll go back into the game and beat our already ridiculous time for a map with an even more ridiculous time, or we’ll do self-imposed challenges, or we’ll just sit around together for a few days grinding golden goods, but none of that has proven too vastly entertaining so far.
    We are definitely and completely out of challenges posed by the game itself.

    We realize there will likely be no more time investment at all in this version of the game, but on the offchance we could have any theoretically beatable version of the Jones back to tide us over until the new version… we would be extremely grateful.



    You don’t even have to go so far as to try and make it ‘theoretically beatable’. Just throw in the Dark Lorde’s shrines, set the level to something like over 60 and let us hack away at it. If it means levelling Flamingos, we might just be crazy enough to do it! :)



    I concur, that would do nicely.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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