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    Honored inhabitants of the Flanlands,

    today, after a fierce battle of 4 days, 19 hours and 30 minutes, the Lorde finally admitted defeat again.
    We believe this to be a first since the golden goods update, unless it happened in complete silence somewhere between then and now.

    Observer link:

    With this feat, we also won the supersecret race against Team Delha (only slightly unfair in that they did not know about there being one :P ), but they are expected to perhaps follow suit shortly.

    Shrine details:
    – 9 wood shrines, 2 gem shrines, 5 water shrines and 3 food shrines were activated. There are only local stone shrines on the map, so anyone needing more stone got involved in some. Total activated was ~6.
    – 2 sun ritual shrines were activated. This was a hugely helpful boon.

    Recipe details:
    – All of us had an average of ca. 90% of Tier1 recipes at l5. As far as I could observe, a number of us also came with a small handful of l15 Tier1 recipes (spirits and ore, most prominently). There was noone with l15 bread.
    – The following essential l15 recipes were present: porcelain bust only.
    – The following essential l5 recipes were present: wood bust, wood statue, porcelain statue.
    – Among the sweet-to-have, but possibly nonessential l5 recipes were the following: gunpowder, stew barrel and stout barrel, fine flour, chair, and then things like curry, cat statue, etc.
    – The absolute breakthrough l5 recipe for us turned out to be black whiskey, which was attained while the game was already going on.

    Building details:
    – All of us were equipped with catapults and either haulers or duplexes or both.
    – At least half of us were equipped with fast trains and elbow cranes.
    – All of us were equipped with regular and hopping trains.
    – Two or three of us found emblem of scarcity to be quite useful.
    – Buildings like slow trains and wood paths and even carousel cranes made sporadic appearances.

    Our number one concern was space. Without the l5 busts and statues, I don’t think we could have made it.
    Without the l5 black whiskey for the hair elixir for the shadow crown – we might not have found the space for yet another full desk (let alone the water, which was the one resource that some areas had to go without completely).
    I would also care to claim that without catapults, this would not have been possible. Most of us had to put up so many of them in such intricate systems, by the end we’d forgotten what half of them were for.

    For anyone wanting a go, at this point (!) I would advise having a largely handpicked group, at least the named essential l5s within the group somewhere, and catapults for the majority. (Trains go without saying.)

    My personal number one technical complaint (can’t do without complaints!) is the chat. The current ingame chat is awful, awful, awful for complicated games like this, nevermind for players like me who love chitchat and banter on the side. By the end, it was so loaded that, after successfully entering the map, it took a full minute just to open the chat window while desperately hoping for it not to crash.

    Allover, it was an epic, crazy game, and a treat with these dedicated and skillful players.

    I give us a full 1 of 1 celebration fox:



    That game was crazy.

    For the permanent record, in clockwise order from noon:

    It was a wonderful feeling when the income ticked up and the black heart went in.



    Congrats, all!

    This is amazing.




    Hahaha, super secret race indeed! We’ve been sitting around for about a week lazily farming, in part due to Halloween parties, Android: Netrunner, beer festivals, and well, laziness. We’d kicked around potential kill dates a few times, and eventually settled on tonight. Looking forward to getting some real work in (farming is boooooring), and we’ll have to keep 4d 19h as a target for when we go for a fast kill. Congrats again on getting the first kill!



    Thanks, Crisofer :)

    And thanks Delha, haha.
    We knew you guys were sitting there farming and didn’t know when or if you’d go for the boss, so whenever we hit a roadblock or potential roadblock I could be heard crying about how you were going to beat us to it. ;)
    Also I think when you go for a fast kill, you will most likely beat our time by quite a bit, because you have a definite organizational advantage. Our group had people from four or so different time zones all over the US and Europe, so a lot of time was spent waiting for people to wake up, come back from work, etc. Either way would be happy to hear about it, and good luck tonight!



    We’ve been lazily farming up to L15 wood items. Hopefully tonight won’t be a “stay up until 3am because of stupid pride” night.




    “We’ve been lazily farming up to L15 wood items. Hopefully tonight won’t be a “stay up until 3am because of stupid pride” night.







    …a lot of time was spent waiting for people to wake up, come back from work…

    …show up once per day…

    I’m happy that I contributed anything, considering how little space I held, and how little time I had to spare. And I couldn’t have made the items for the Sun Rituals without help – lots of help.



    I’d say we could have had the map finished right at the 4 day mark, but we needed one user to do one small thing, then when that was done, saw one other small thing that needed to be done by another, etc. Overall though, it was super exciting when that Black Heart altar lit up.

    Whenever I think about it, all I can hear in my head is this



    garmichael and flannigan, I started a new lord map yesterday and sent invites



    Hi Death,

    saw that I have an invite, but don’t have a free prince.
    Most of this Lorde group, including me and Garmichael, still has a prince stuck in a bugged map that can’t be entered, and the other currently tied up in a Twins (due to finish tomorrow most likely).



    Latest bragging time:
    2 days, 7 hours, 52 minutes.
    Only one sun ritual shrine used. New levels employed: L30 porcelain bust, L15 porcelain statue, L15 bread, L5 shadow amulet, L5 gunships.

    Come at us!

    (Return of Jones plz?)



    Congrats again!

    So we got our kill a ways back, and I typed up a summary from memory while we were locked out of the game. When it came back up, I held off on posting because I wanted to recheck to confirm the exact stuff we used, but didn’t get around to it because I’m lazy. Sadly, I am still lazy, so here’s the probably-mostly-accurate-but-not-quite-100%-certain version:

    First things first:

    4 wood shrines
    2 water shrines
    2 food shrines
    1 gem shrine
    5 local stone shrines (1 person in on two, 1 person in on all 5)
    No daylight shrines

    Almost everyone had a full set of tier one recipes at L5 or better, some had one or two at L15.
    There were lots of tier two recipes at L5+. I think most of us had flour, glass, stew, cat statue, and curry.
    We had one person with pstat 15, and another got pbust 30 midgame.
    We had someone with both wstat 15 and wbust 15.
    I did the chocostat with bread 15.

    Everyone had rails and trains (hopping/regular or both).
    Pretty much everyone had catapults (one succumbed to peer pressure and bought his midgame)
    Fast trains: 2 people
    Elbow Cranes: 2 or 3 people



    I second the request for a return of Mr. Jones! ;)



    Aw yeah, thanks Delha, I’d hoped to see that game! That’s an impressively small amount of shrines you used, and no daylight shrine, wow!
    Nice job, grats to you guys :D

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