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    This thread is for those little ideas you have here and there. Not all the ideas have to be feasible or presented as serious suggestions, just sort of brainstorm type ideas to get some creativity flowing. Ideas should be one or two sentences long. If your idea requires a paragraph to explain, its not a little idea.

    Here are some of mine:

    – Whiteboard style overlay
    – In Chat, bold or color text that matches a player’s name
    – Fat Eraser Brush (deletes the tile under the cursor, as well as the eight surrounding it)
    – Objective-based co-op maps – Maps that require multiple bosses to be defeated in order, manually placed resources, shrine synergy (like on the Disco Queen map), when a boss is defeated, it removes a curse permanently, and so on.
    – On completing a stage, have an option to save a screenshot of the entire map without Flans or Trains
    – Zoom Out feature, or possibly a toggle-able minimap
    – When some recipie upgrades, make the shop 2×2
    – Selectable Castle Graphic (to encourage the ‘unique prince’ concept)



    I would like to see:

    – No cost overlay pop ups when restoring a saved setup
    – Saved setups remember torches as long as torched lands remain clear
    – Don’t kick me out of a game when finishing. Clicking ‘post-game chat’ and then watching the game reload is annoying. Especially if you can see a chest.
    – Visible Recipe Trees in game like on Zerack’s Recipedia: could make this better by allowing a user to auto layout a chain of factories (maybe). Neither of those are small, are they.
    – A highlighter for resources. Press a button, and all resources on the map of that type get a coloured light bar effect from them.
    – Rewards for stages visible on the stage select menu
    – See full value of assets on mouse overlay of gold: total amount of cash if you’d have if you sell everything

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    Had another one:

    – Allow a textbox on the recipedia where you can type into, and show only recipes who’s name contains the entered string (for exmaple, typing “ring” would show only Ring, Earring, Stone Ring, etc)



    I have variation on that idea. Make the existing search box (which is next to the “Hide” button) more obvious.



    I would like to see a flare to get another players attention. If there is a lot of chat in a game and you are trying to leave a message for someone offline, your message can get lost.



    One thing that might be a good idea to implement in the game is a new building, the Trading Post.

    The cost would be the same as for Factories, with the size being either 2×2 or 3×3.

    What the Trading Post would do is let users choose 1 of the 4 raw goods (water, food, stone, or wood) and choose another to “trade” that good for.

    So it in effect would be a specialty factory that takes one raw good and exchanges it for another.

    This way, there would be a viable method for people starting in areas void of one type of resource to be able to get the resource.

    You may think this is overpowered, since you could argue that people will just use it to trade water for stone and make a huge profit. If you look more carefully, though, you will see that it doesn’t really work out for that. Water gives you 5, while stone gives you 18, meaning the trade would give you 13 profit for each trade if you delivered directly to your castle. Since the cost of roads, houses, and the trading post need to be taken into account, it isn’t worth it to set up for profit.



    what is “- No cost overlay pop ups when restoring a saved setup”?





    – Diversity Bonus: If you are the only player crafting a delivered good in a shop, that good is worth 10% more. I think it would encourage players to try out recipes that they normally wouldn’t.



    Silaero – when you remove any path/shop/crane etc from the map, a little floating HUD text element showing the price you were refunded pops up. When you save/restore setups, it literally sells and repurchases everything, causing a ton of those pop up elements to appear. By simply abstracting out the HUD element by separating the sell function into two functions, regular selling could have the pop up, and save/restore could avoid having the pop up.

    Garmichael – diversity bonus is a good idea. When things like stone rings are the defacto item of choice for two people starting out, you often end up with four groups of players making stone rings. Another option to encourage diversity would be a penalty for multi-items. If you’re making one item, no penalty. Two of the same item? 1% penalty. Ten of the same item? 10% penalty. Just a little nudge to say that “Maybe instead of 20 bricks you should be making a pottery, yeah?”



    More little ideas:

    Golden goods training tab could use two filters.

    • Trainable – for all items that can be trained
    • Major upgrades – lists all items at level 4, 14, or 29, in order to more easily see major requirements that you’re waiting on (I do this frequently)



    Replace the carousel crane with any item that’s actually useful ;) even after all this time, I think there’s not a single player who has figured out a good use for the cc or who ever employs it.



    I have actually found a use for the carousel crane. Two uses, actually, but they are essentially the same. If you have two loops – one yours, one with a shared partner, sometimes you want to cross-pollinate. So, you give him X, and he gives you Y. Currently, you set that up with two cranes – but in some scenarios, this can cause endless loops due to timing issues, as the same item goes back and forth between cranes without leaving the crane area for the loops. This issue is solved with a carousel crane. A similar situation can be setup with rails and path. I’ve only ever needed this technique on complex maps – once for the seduction writ, and once for a black heart.

    It can also be used sparingly to cut down costs of regular cranes if you have long loops where you know the destination loops takes materials faster than the source loops can give them.

    That said, no it’s generally not terribly useful.

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    Hmmh, that does count I guess, though it’s genuinely the first report I’ve heard of them being employed to any effect ever since their introduction months back. A much more frequent comment on them is “…. why??”.
    So still wouldn’t be sad to see them go >_>



    Some small things that I would love to see implemented.

    We have 1-2-3 shortcut buttons for our first three buildings ( currently road, house, torch). I would like to be able to rearrange the buildings that I have available and/or also have 4,5,…,9,0 available for the following buildings.

    I’d like escape to close an open window.

    Elbow cranes, I want to be able to mirror them so they deliver the other direction. The only times I would have been able to effectively use them without a significant refactoring of my setup, they’ve been useless because they deliver in the direction where my path was not.

    I’ve mentioned this in another topic, but I’d like the “set recipe” button on the shoppe interface to appear at the top underneath the prince icon in addition to in the lower left.



    The Hot keys for the rest of the items are:
    Q W E
    A S D
    Z X C

    Another little idea: To be able to see how much money a player currently has in the bank when hovering over their castle.

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