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    Would it be possible in the future for there to be games with less players, because people still continuously take over the entire boss, with no thought to other players, and complete it before I’ve even a chance to set a second fire tower down. How is that fair? I’m in a map now – Ghost Of The great Craftsman – and one player is doing five out of the seven towers. I had to demolish a bunch of stuff so I could afford a fire tower and avoid being cut off completely.

    I don’t mind being cut off, when people are actually working together, but there are a lot of players who just trample over everyone else, with no regard for team based play or for anyone else. It’s getting disheartening.

    As for the single player games, I was wondering if there was a way to just have games where the goal is to make as much money, cause I quite like doing that. it’s like a puzzle.

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    This is definitely a thing we’ll keep tweaking. One approach we’ll likely take is greatly increase the reward/penalty ratio for working together (having the most players possible contributing to a win).

    We’ll also work on some more variety in the win conditions.

    Thanks for the feedback.




    Thanks, I mean, I’m not that bothered by xp, or crowns at the moment, so it can disheartening to have a boss finished and your only contribution being that you were there. It was better when some of the stars were income related too.

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