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    Currently the palace shows the goods sold, which is super-helpful in seeing where your money comes from. I’d love to see a similar field attached to the shoppe mouseovers to show how many goods are being created there. This would make tracking down missed connections and the like much simpler instead of having to watch an entire leap day every time you make a change to see where it gets propagated to.




    This is a great suggestion ^_^



    I’ll go one step further and request a way to see the entire simulation history indexed by time. It would help greatly for debugging, although it would be too much text for a tooltip bubble. Something like:

    Time 8: Water received
    Time 13: Wood received
    Time 15: Lumber produced (#1)
    Time 19: Lumber picked up
    Time 23: Water received

    Time 111: Lumber produced (#19)



    Timing things can be especially tough because of the brief lag that comes at night time, causing the first few flan steps to jump when you have lots of stuff on map.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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