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    I chalk it up to “practicing” now. I bet that, once server issues are fully resolved, i’ll be able to solo Mister Jones. ^_~



    Or you’ll be so good the Jones will try to solo you!



    Ooh. Can I be my own boss in the game?



    We will call you “The lofty crisofer – valiantly, he sets out on a journey to battle the six flamingoes of war. It’s the journey that never ends, it just goes on and on, my friend…”.
    Which items will pacify your poor soul? I think you might need some swords, maybe.



    The Lofty Crisofer could have a shrine that resets the world every hour?

    hehehehe….. heh… ehh…

    (sorry devs… i’m just poking fun at the situation. you guys must be in a panic over there)



    Hahah, absolutely! And you need to feed it to get it to stop, instead of getting it to start. :D



    If you come back silverthorn, scott has set it almost all the way up and you can vote to demolish the tower and I’ll finish it off. Again.



    Be there as soon as the game lets me in.



    Take your time. The world reset again. :(



    Arghh. Thanks for the note :( it feels almost like the win state triggers it.



    Yep, sure looks that way :)



    OK, it just got wiped AGAIN!

    I just logged out before putting the final train down based on the hypothesis that the game would save state when everybody left… but it looks like it’s the exact opposite. When everyone leaves, the state gets wiped.

    My guess is that the flaky server, or winning the game, caused everyone to leave the server, at which point the state was reset.

    In any case, I’m going to hold off before doing a SIXTH winning run on this map :)



    Was able to log on this morning(before 7), but now (with different computer) unable to connect, times out



    Never mind, After 3 browser resets it works


    Cake of Pain

    Unfortunately, it looks like there’s still ongoing work with our server stability.

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 34 total)

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