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    Neither my wife nor I can get the game to load. This is initial load when going to the page, before trying to resume a game. The progress bar fills up, then sits at “communicating with the queen…”



    I am also experiencing this, and when a message finally appears it say the following:

    signin error
    There was an error signing in to the stored profile:General Error; Rejected because no crossdomain.xml policy file was found Press continue to sign in as a guest.

    It then tries to bring up the normal menu, but all that shows is either a blank green screen, or the options and crown purchase buttons with 50 crowns.
    This also gives the error:

    Fatal: NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an Object



    Ah. Probably a missing public variable reference or missing prefab link.


    Cake of Pain

    We’re aware of the problem and working on it now. Sorry for the inconvenience. :(



    Everything seems to be fixed now! Thanks!



    I’m back at this issue, anyone else?

    In addition, my current group had JUST won a game – then on the report screen, the game glitched out. I could enter it briefly after and the entire map appeared reset about three hours. None of our last actions towards the win or the win itself had been saved. Please tell me we won’t have to do this over :(

    EDIT: I can enter again, but the game is still where it was three hours ago. Even though we won in the meanwhile. All the chat between then and now is gone as well. It’s this game:



    Yeah. I am experiencing the issue again.




    this is bad.

    i just spent 2 hours rearranging things, and now i seem to be back to where i was 2 hours ago…



    …which kind of sucks, because I completed half of the requirements for the mister jones boss during that time…

    Was there a rollback?



    There have been some intermittent server issues today that not under our control. We are giving our service provider as much info as possible and things should be clearing up.

    One impact is that several games got hit during the outages, so their state reverted back to older game data.

    More info if this continues and as we learn more.

    All the best,



    Oh okay. That’s fine. Thanks for the quick response!



    OK, we won again (I was in the game with silverthorn)… and then it crashed again.
    Aaaand it’s been rolled back. Again.




    But I just… I just… sigh.

    Third time’s the charm?



    (This post just in for whining purposes. Because having to beat a game more than twice to beat it once, ouch.)

    We were all like , and then the game was like




    At least we know we can win by only entirely rearranging three players’ entire setups!

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 34 total)

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