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    I’ve just got my 2nd Arthur and am wondering what the tacs are! I must be playing it wrong since i keep losing terribly, I’m used to playing a wound deck (Spike, Bane, 2xBran, 2xDurant) which is the only other strong deck I have. What units go well with double Arthur? I have all of the cheap 2 Gold knights and 2x Hale as far as knights go. Should I still keep my back row wounding units? (Bran & Durant) And I’m guessing i’m gonna have to let spike & Bane go for this deck.

    And as for general strategy, I guess I’m a bit lost since i’m so used to playing my wound deck. One disadvantage i’m definitely noticing though is my starts are much slower since I usually end up getting knights at the start with 1 recruit and 1 gold on the back row. :/

    Any advice much appreciated :)

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    What I find to work best with double Arthur deck is to make sure your deck is production-heavy and fast.

    So if you can, put 2 Hardens and 2 Johnns in there. A Rune is always good for Gold decks. 2 Jonas are great, 2 Horus are better. 2 Brans are ok. Gernts are good as well – Their windfall helps to boost you forward, especially putting a Gernt at the top-back, to get hit by early Durants > Their sell value is fantastic and their 2 Defense may help a bit with Runes and Spikes later. However, you don’t want too many units. Don’t go over 20.

    2 Durants, for me, are a must, they are great in the front row, especially early in the game and are great back row a bit later to make sure you pull out those Arthurs, using their recruit bonus. The less units you have in your deck, the more useful the Durants become later in the game. Selling them for Arthurs will also help your cause. If your opponent is Forest or winning in the production race, Durants may be the only thing to save you.

    Now for something really important; If you can, don’t put ANY Tarim knights in your deck, definitely don’t put 2 of them. They would be a liability as they would often show up first turn and hurt you a lot.

    Make sure not to have any 1g units in your deck, and your 2g units are only producers AND 2 Ramm knights. Which should stay in the back early game, unless the opponent seems to be playing a nasty rush deck.

    I find that the best healers would obviously be Cook. Epherius and Evlyn after that, then Jolien… but never a Rosie.

    Don’t Put Wilem. A Herold is good, especially if you don’t have a Kobi and if you have enough good gold producers, otherwise, an Andor can work. The best thing about Herold is that he helps deflect multi-wounds by boosting your Hale’s defense and even Arthurs.

    Mixing Spike in the deck is tricky, as he may hurt Arthur’s attacks by wounding the enemy and slow you down because he’s expensive. It’s possible to add a Spike, but you will have to go with a larger deck for that. Larger decks need luckier draws.

    Last thing, to maximize Arthur’s power, you put him in the front if there is a total of 4 knights (Including Arthur) in the front. You put him in the back if there is a total of 5 knights (Meaning at least 4 in front, and Arthur in the back).

    So quick recap:
    1. No 1g units, only 2g producers and Ramms. 1 Tarim, if you must.
    2. Rush to get those Arthurs out using you best producers.
    3. Have two or three healers. (Evlyn and Epherius… or Cook if you got him)
    4. Don’t go over 20 units at first. See how it goes and add more if you see a constant problem.
    5. You will want 2 Hale and 2 Ramm in front (Since you don’t have Kobi yet), and purhaps a Herold or Andor in the back, along with both Arthurs and 2 Healers. You may need to help reinforce the front with defense (If not with Herold, then with Hardens and Gernt… maybe Morgrat) in case you smell Runes and Spikes.

    That’s it.



    Thanks very much for the advice :)
    Unfortunately my only 2G producers are Harden’s. Would this hinder a knight deck too much?
    But anyway I have removed 1 tarim from my deck, I think I should still keep 1 since i’ll only have 4 knights if i remove both. My win ratio has improved after making some tweaks and getting used to the new strategy but from your advice I can obviously see I have many more improvements to make, unless crafting were to come out any time soon.

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    Fakaktus’ deck is probably your best deck (I think he’s beaten me with it a few times – Username ‘Felster’) but here’s another one to consider:

    Knight Hard Rush: (Hard because if you don’t win quick, you’re not going to win)

    2 x Johnn
    2 x Harden
    2 x Jonas

    2 x Tarim
    2 x Ramm
    1 x Hale (or Kobi if you’re feeling brave)

    2 x Arthur
    1 x Epherius

    14 units total.

    The aim is to get a front line of knights supported by 2 x Arthurs as soon as possible.

    Spam your gatherers first so that you have enough to get Arthur out. Drop knights at the front when you have spare gold.

    Get the second Arthur out and start selling off gatherers to free up gold to get more knights out quickly. Once your Arthurs are out you don’t need more than 4 anyway.

    With four knights + Hale on the front, and two Arthurs on the back you can hit 55 damage within the first four turns. Unfortunately, that’s where your deck tops out, so you have to focus on rushing.

    This deck’s weak against wounders, and anyone who can hold you off while they gather enough for a stronger front line, but you can get a strong win rate out of it.



    Fakakus nailed it. Some more observations from my experience:

    * Seconded on 20 cards or fewer, meaning that it’s hard to include more than the Arthurs and a couple more 7-8g units without starting to have bad second turns
    * Decks with Kobi take longer getting up to max damage – 7g doesn’t sound like a lot, but it’s much harder to get out, say, Arthur + Kobi in a round than Arthur + Hale
    * Think twice about using Bran if you’re also going to include Kobi, since the wound can actually hurt you as much as your opponent, leaving you with a very expensive 2g producer
    * Generally, if you can buy one Arthur or a few little units, go for the Arthur (possible exceptions for healers or Rune given the situation)
    * Against heavy wound decks, Herold in the front to block the wound and let the next guy in line attack can equal more damage than a Herold in the back



    here is my knight deck. stay alive until you get two Arthurs out, then massacre your opponents.

    1x harden
    2x johnn
    2x horus
    1x epherius
    2x ramm
    1 xtarim
    2x kobi
    2x arthur
    2x hale

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    i don’t have two arthurs, but i run a fairly successful knight deck, I leave spike in there just in case. if you don’t need him, don’t play him. but he wins games sometimes. especially against the now rare crystal decks with inks. he also massacres barbarian decks if you can slow them down long enough to get him out.



    If you pull a 2G knight first draw and don’t have a gold producer, I always put him in front line, but it’s your opinion.




    The 3g for a durant, gernt, or (if you pull 2 2g producers 2nd turn) reselling & putting down double 2g turn too is much much better than 1 damage.

    Unless you don’t have durants or more than 1 2g producer, its almost always a better idea to keep Ramm backrow 1st turn.
    The only situation where its OK, is if the opponent draws a Rucke first, but since you can’t know that, its still pretty much never better than the 1g.

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    I pulled out Tamrim from my deck because it wasn’t worth getting him first draw.




    Thanks for help & detailed response. Usually I would just get a “Stupid noob, that’s dumb”.
    But I don’t have any 3g units in my deck other than Domino, and I don’t see how having 3g over 2 would help in any other way (no 1g units in deck)

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