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    Once upon a time in Triple Town there were two bear cub twins born named Pox and Frys. These two were a problem from the start, always running away from their mom and dad to get into mischief. They grew up causing ruckus wherever they went, and were always looking for the next adventure.
    One day, while running past a newly developed house with their turtle, Prys; they spied a TV show through the window. Being the curious creatures they were they quickly climbed up closer on to the windowsill to hear more. “This Saturday! Come to Single Town to see the Dynamic Duo of Rax and Tax wrestle the Tiny Terrors of Dim and Tim!” The two bears’ eyes lit up with delight as they watched the wrestling moves on the TV. The Tiny Terrors were just their size, and as nimble and reckless as they were!
    “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” asked Pox.
    “Way ahead of you, brother!” shouted Frys as they jumped down and scrambled down the path back to their cave…
    When that Saturday came around the two cubs donned their homemade costumes that surprisingly (or not so much, if you knew the little cubs) the exact costumes they had seen on TV, and caught a ride in a passing cart down to Single Town. Once there they followed the noise of the crowd to the wrestling ring in the center of the village. Giggling quietly to themselves they looked around until they found the separate dressing room tents set up for the wrestlers. Without further ado they broke into the tent for the Tiny Terrors, and with lots of claws and snaps and some fancy footwork; the Tiny Terrors found themselves tied up and unconscious.
    “Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to the Saturday main event! Welcome out the Tiny Terrors!” Boos echoed around the ring as the bears came out, acting to be the Tiny Terrors. Jumping up they both ran around, shaking their fists as the crowd and giggling. “This is going to be so much fun,” Pox whispered.
    “Oh so much fun! Let me at them first!” Frys whispered back, and went into the corner while they waited for their opponents.
    “And now, Ladies and Gentlemen, here come the heroes of the day! Your favorite and mine! The Dynamic Duo!” The crowd exploded in cheers as the two wrestlers came out, jumping and clapping. With one last flourish they did a front flip into the ring. “You can go first, Rax, my good friend,” said Tax as he patted his partner on the back.
    The bell rang, and Frys quickly moved towards Rax to start the match. Turning around to wink at Pox, Frys went to grab Rax’s ankle, but suddenly found himself airborne! Without knowing what was happening Frys was thrown to the ground, his snout smashed, as he blinked in amazement. This wasn’t fun at all! Before he could get up Rax picked him up, twisted him around, and head-butted him! The poor little cub fell down, dazed and confused. “Hurry, over here!” Pox yelled, motioning for his brother to tag his hand.
    “Not so fast!” Tax yelled, running over to Pox. He kicked out, knocking the bear to the ground, where he feel into some chairs and popcorn from the crowd. Tax jumped down onto the floor and began pounding Pox’s face into the dirt, pushing it into his mouth and nose.
    “Gah! This is horrible! Come on, Pox!” Frys yelled, stumbling down onto the ground barely able to see out of his one eye. His nose was swollen and broken, and he could already feel the rest of his face swelling. “This isn’t what I expected at all!” He quickly grabbed Pox’s hand and the two took off racing back to their home.
    The next morning they slowly came down to the table to have breakfast. The bear cubs didn’t even look or act like themselves. Their faces were bruised and swollen, and Prys had even ran away from them because he didn’t recognize the two. Their heads down they took the bowls of berries without saying anything until their mom asked, “What in the world happened to you two?”
    Pox and Frys exchanged a glance before Pox spoke up and said, “Two kicks to the face and a head-butt!” Shaking her head, not knowing what to say to that answer; their mom could only watch as they finished their breakfast in silence, a first time in the bear household.



    Once upon a time, in a place called Triple Town, there lived a great many Bears. Being amicable Bears, they didn’t go around eating townsfolk as per the traditional ones; they simply popped out to give them a shout when they got a bit too crazy building their homes and castles. The Bears subsist on berries and tree bark, it wasn’t quite tasty but it kept them fed. And this was the way it went on until one day, two little Bears, Pox and Frys, decided they wanted a taste of something a little different…

    Pox and Frys were the best of mates. They shared a cave together, and even did doubles when they went scaring folks. They talked about taking classes to improve themselves, to become Ninja Bears, but not having quite enough money, they never got quite round to it. What they did talk about even more often was food. One day, after Frys gloomily gnawed on yet another tasteless tree bark, he looked at Pox, who was rather passively chewing his.

    Frys, “You know what I would really want to eat?”
    Pox grunted, chewing.
    (This was the way of their conversation, Frys spoke and Pox grunted.)
    Frys, “Porridge.”
    Pox grunted, still chewing.
    Frys, “Tasty, hot porridge. With a dab of honey in it.”
    Pox broke off part of the bark, continued chewing, and grunted.
    Frys, “You know what I heard?”
    Pox grunted.
    Frys said in almost a whisper, “There’s porridge at the King’s.”
    Pox grunted.
    Frys, ” PORRIDGE, Pox, tasty tasty porridge…” Frys tossed away the tree bark he had been gnawing on. “Don’t you want a taste?”
    Pox grunted. Thoughtfully.

    In the dead of the night, in borrowed Ninja Bear gear, the duo sneaked into the Castle. Once inside, Frys started sniffing around.

    Frys, “Hmph. I can smell it. And phew! It’s hot in here. Time to toss those Ninja Clothes and look for the porridge.”
    Pox grunted, already shedding the clothes.
    The pair shuffled in the direction of the smells, and glory be! In the drawing room, laid out, three bowls of hot porridge with a treacle of honey dashed on top!

    Frys let out a little yelp of delight, “Just in time for supper!”
    Pox grunted.

    The pair dug into the food, and within minutes had the bowls empty. Both bears let out little burps of satisfaction. As Fry patted his little belly, he turned and said to Pox, “Well my oldest friend, this was a most satisfy-”

    At that very moment, a distant bell sounded, and the doors bust open and the King, Queen and the Princess swept in. (Royalty does not walk, they sweep in.)
    They took one startled look at Pox and Frys and the empty bowls and went from astonishment to anger.

    The King roared, “This is UNBEARABLE!”
    The Queen was in hysterics waving her hands, “This is BEARLY UNBECOMING!”
    Princess stamped her foot, screamed. “I am BEARLY UPSET!”

    In unison, they yelled, “GUARDS! AFTER THOSE BEARS!”

    Pox and Frys, looked at each other and decided that their stay was over, and growled politely, giving thanks for the porridge (they were well brought up bears after all) and bid the angry Royal Family a good day before making out of the nearest exit. In their haste, they encountered some guards, whom despite their trying to explain themselves, brandishing an assortment of dangerously sharp weapons. In the ensuring scuffle, it transpired that Pox and Frys would never have even eyes or muzzles again, but by the Good Bear, they managed to exit the castle in one piece.

    After running a good distance outside the capital, a huffing and puffing Pox and Frys stopped for a rest and looked at each other.
    Frys, “You know, we can never got back again.”
    Pox grunted.
    Frys, ” But it’s a whole new world out there.”
    Pox grunted again.
    Frys, “Shall we then?”
    Pox nodded.

    The two now quite-different bears looked at each other, smiled and made their way down the winding road to enter a whole new world…



    Once upon a time, deep the forests of Triple Town, there lived a man who was an amateur scientist. His name was Baxter (Bax for short). Bax had no wife but, two dogs. They were about one year old each and were the most loving dogs Bax could ever ask for. Once while hunting with his dogs, Bax saw a bear hunting. He watched the bears technique, how the bear moved and finally attacked then killed its prey. Then he watched his dogs. All they did was roll in the dirt and scare the animals away by barking so they didn’t really help at all. He thought for a while then wondered if he could create some sort of machine that could put the bears hunting skills into his two dogs. He went back to his workshop and began brainstorming and experimenting.

    After months of testing, Bax decided it was time to turn his dogs into hunters. His machine looked like a giant photocopier and was meant for both of the dogs to go into at once. They would go in and, come out the other end being able to hunt like a bear. Bax put the dogs in and, within a couple of seconds they were coming out when there was a crumpling sound. the dogs slowed and then came out. Bax was astonished at the time because he thought it had worked. But sadly it didn’t. The dogs were no longer dogs but bears, and their once perfect appearance had turned into slightly disfigured faces because of the small ‘paper jam’.One of the bears eyes was lower than the others and ones eyes were too far apart. Something about the dogs still remained even though they were bears. They were still the most loving animals Bax could ever hope for and that was all that really mattered. He named the bears Pox and Frys . He hadn’t named th dogs previously and he figured there was no better time to name them then right then, so he did.



    oops, deep IN the forests of Triple Town and He hadn’t named THE dogs previously



    thought i would take this a totally different way….my story i guess for you see i too am somewhat of a misfit too…left leg longer than the right….due to a hip replacement back in 05…now heading Oct 1st for a total hip replace on the left….then on Oct 6th is my birthday….I would love to share it with my bear buddies frys and pox…..with all my scars know that they would never be teased or bullied because they are different



    Ode to Triple Town (android version:))

    Three tufts of gras
    you have a bush
    Three bushes green
    you have a tree
    Three trees near another
    you have a house
    Moving in are some decent peasents

    Three little red houses
    you have a bourgeois house
    Three bourgeois houses white and pretty
    you have a mansion
    Three mansions, oh my
    you have a castle
    Coming to town are your King and Queen

    And on it could go forever
    But wait –
    what growling is this?
    Bears all over
    how will your village live?

    I tell you how:
    Three dead bears
    you have a church
    Three churches in your town
    you have a cathedral
    And soon gold will be yours

    While your wealth is growing
    and bad bears are dying
    all is well –
    isn’t it?

    Under some bushes
    behind some trees
    You can find some lovely bears

    Excluded from the others
    because they would not fit in the group
    They watch your village developing
    and wish silently
    that they could live in such a community
    where happiness and freedom are ruling!


    Alaine deBouvewright

    Once upon a time there was a large forest on an island far, far away from the mainland of Capital City. One day the people who lived in the Capital City decided to build a fleet of ships to take them to islands left unexplored by the people who came before them. There were five expeditions: One to an island where they people planned to build a standard colony, one to a teeny, tiny island (surrounded by a lake) where they would build a hamlet, one where there were no bears or ninjas, one with a lake right smack-dab in the center of the island (where it would be easy to get water) and one for the carpenters and construction workers who were just starting to learn how to build. It was on this island that we meet our heroes: Pox and Frys.
    One day Pox and Frys were out for a walk when they heard a tremendous commotion on the other side of the island.
    “Let’s go investigate.” Pox said to Frys.
    Frys nodded his agreement, never one for verbal expression, and tottered along with Pox until they came to a large clearing where the noises were coming from. There they saw a large crowd of hairless bears, all crowded around a big structure–this structure, they would later learn from overhearing some of the hairless bears talking, was called the ‘frame of a house.’ Pox, letting his curiosity get the better of him, went walking up to the hairless bears, always wanting to learn more about the habitat around him.
    At the sight of Pox, the hairless bears went running and screaming, hiding inside the ‘frame of the house.’ Frys gestured to Pox, urging him to come back into the trees, not knowing if the hairless bears were plotting to lure them into a false sense of security and then run out at them when they felt safest. Pox, though wanting to investigate more, also felt a sense of loyalty towards his brother, and grudgingly scampered back into the shade of the treetops.
    The next day Frys heard the noise again, and tapped Pox on the shoulder to wake him. Pox raised an ear, swiveled it around until he pinpointed the noise, and immediately got up to go see what the hairless bears could be doing that could make such a clangor. They loped casually up to the edge of the clearing and, to Pox’s and Frys’ surprise, the hairless bears were all swarming over the top of the house, pulling clumps of grass from bags that they must have brought with them and lining them all up in a row. When three were lined up in a row, they would pop together and form a bush! Pox and Frys were astounded! This time, even Frys was curious enough to go investigate.
    So when they hairless bears weren’t looking, Pox and Frys crept into the clearing to see how these clumps of grass could form a bush, and how the bushes could form trees, when they were lined up next to each other.
    All of a sudden, a shrill, high-pitched cry of, “Look out!” Could be heard.
    Pox and Frys swiveled their heads around to see what the matter was, and saw a giant tree bearing down upon them from the sky. Later, witnesses would attest that the bushes, when transforming into trees, would shoot high up into the sky and come back down to land in the spot where they transformed. Pox and Frys were extremely lucky not to have been hit by the trunk. They got away with only a split lip, a bruise on the jaw, and a black eye.
    After that the hairless bears were all very kind to Pox and Frys, realizing that they weren’t dangerous, only curious. They organized an ‘adoption drive,’ and Pox and Frys went home with one of the hairless bears to live happily ever after.



    “Hey Frys! Come look at this!” Pox called to his friend from across the bumble-berry field. Frys popped his head up from behind one of the bushes, his mouth filled with bumble-berries. The juicy berries were almost as big as Frys’ large belly button, swirls of yellow and black covering the berry. Frys hobbled over to Pox, grabbing more berries along the way. But before he could reach Pox, Frys froze, staring directly behind Frys.
    “Frieth erth thming hi do!” Frys said, his mouth too full of berries to make any sense. He would have pointed, but he had no fingers, so he had to make do by aiming his arm in the general direction.
    Pox felt a chill run up his back as a looming shadow made it’s way over him. He held his breath and began to turn around ever so slowly. When Pox wasn’t looking, Frys smiled a knowing smile.
    Pox looked up and up to look the bear in the eye. He hoped that the bear hadn’t seen him, but that was impossible since it was a glummy bear, and glummy bears have one eye near the edge of their face so that they don’t miss a thing. Pox screamed an ear-splitting scream and stumbled backward into the bumble-berry bush. Frys fell to the ground, laughing so hard that his green cheeks began turning red. Another sound was also heard, the sound of many children laughing, but the sound came from inside of the glummy bear. Pox’s cheeks turned bright red as he realized what had happened. He’d been tricked.
    Out of the glummy bear costume came his friends, Rudy, Wam, and Chiz, laughing even harder than Frys. While Frys was on the ground laughing, he noticed something through his tears: a rainbow bumble-berry.
    “Hey, what’s this?” Frys said, picking up the strange berry.
    “What I was trying to show you earlier!” Pox shouted, storming over to where Frys stood. He grabbed the bumble-berry away from Frys. “It gives whoever eats it one wish, and I was going to give it to you. But I have a better idea; I’ll use it on you.” Pox put the berry in his mouth and swallowed. “I wish that Frys has eyes like a glummy bear!” Pox shouted to the sky.
    A strange tingling grew in Frys’ eye. It grew stronger and stronger until he could almost not bear it. Pox watched as Frys’ right eye moved far to the right. The pain went away and Frys began looking around. Pox suddenly came to the realization of what he’d just done. He ran over to Frys and gave him a big bear hug.
    “I’m so sorry,” Pox said, tearing up.
    “I’m sorry too,” Frys said, looking around with his new eye’s location. He could see even more now than he used to.
    “But I have to admit, I kind of like my new eye location.” Frys and Pox smiled; they would remain friends after all.



    The story of Pox & Frys is short but sweet:

    Old nuclear plant
    Melt-down looming, hero runs
    Save friend, love heals wounds



    (Note: this submission is from my ten-year old daughter. I’m posting it for her. I helped her edit but did not write it. As for the name change, you have to admit, Pox and Frys are stupid names.)

    Once upon a time in Triple Town there was a bear named Alfonzo. Alfonzo was brown, and tan, and vain: he loved looking at himself in the mirror, and he loved watching himself bounce around the countryside.

    One day Alfonzo was walking down the road when BOOM! a ninja appeared. The ninja started chasing Alfonzo, and he tried to run away–but suddenly a bush appeared out of nowhere, blocking the way. Confused, Alfonzo tried to sneak away in the other direction.

    But the ninja pulled a bomb out of his clothes and threw it straight at him. Alfonzo heard three beeps and then black.

    Later–he didn’t know how long–Alfonzo found himself sprawled in the bush that had previously blocked his escape. He got up, shook off the leaves,and then pulled out his pocket mirror just in case there was any dirt on his face (Alfonzo couldn’t tolerate a sullied face). He immediately wished he hadn’t looked.

    One of Alfonzo’s eyes had been violently shifted down near his nose, and the other found itself all the way up his forehead. Alfonzo roared a prissy scream. He raced to his bear friends’ houses to warn them about the ninja but soon found out he was too late–where bears had once played, now tombstones cluttered the village.

    Years later, Alfonzo got trapped in between a tree and some grass and died alone. THE END



    Pox and Frys weren’t always deformed bears. They were once human people like you and me. Seriously they were! And they were game developers to boot! The story goes that in early 2009, as Friendbook games were starting to hit their stride, a young game studio emerged. Like many game companies that sprouted up then, this company focused it’s manpower on creating the next big social game to compete with hotshot games like Farm Social. For game developers like Pox and Frys, this meant a lot of long nights in spreadsheets balancing economies and coming up with new content. During crunch time, a week before launch, Pox and Frys are at work way past normal hours finishing up the latest questline for the game, when suddenly their computers burst up in flames! An evil E-Ink Wizard emerges from the scraps and immediately turns them into the bear-like creatures we know them to be today. He tells them that this is their punishment for working on yet another social simulation game. The evil E-Ink Wizard then sends them inside of one of his own game creations called Centuple City(a Match-100 puzzle game)- where they’ve been forced to terrorize city dwellers ever since. Now you may be asking, why are Pox and Frys deformed, as opposed to the millions of bears made afterwards? Well to be frank, according to the evil E-Ink Wizard himself, he’s not a very capable wizard- he’s made out of E-Ink after all.



    (Not to be outdone by his writerly sister, my son has also written a submission, which I’m posting on his behalf).

    Frys was an ordinary bear who lived in an ordinary forest near a not so ordinary city called Sky Metropolis. The king of Sky Metropolis was evil, so Frys and all of his friends took “scaring classes” every day to train themselves to eventually scare the evil king away. One day when some of the strongest bears failed to do this, Frys realized that it was virtually impossible. He decided to make a potion that would turn himself into the strongest and the scariest bear ever known. The potion was a brownish-green color, and it bubbled thick liquid-ooze. But when Frys drank it, he realized that something had gone terribly wrong! His skin began to morph and change, and his paws grew terrible claws. It felt like his entire body was swelling and he felt sharp cuts along his face. When he looked into a mirror Frys realized that the formula had mutated himself into a grotesque deformed monster bear. But Frys was still determined to get rid of the evil king. He led a tribe of bears into Sky Metropolis, scaring villagers and stopping them from building bigger houses. But then the villagers sent Imperial Bots against the bears, and churches immediately began to erupt from the ground. Frys ran straight towards the castle and belched in the evil king’s face. The king screamed like a little girl and ran away, never to be seen again. When Frys returned to the forest The Council of Elder Bears promoted him to the honorable rank of ninja bear. The End.



    Even as the foliage withers, Autumn yet heralds new life. The relative silence of the forest is pierced by the mewling cries of two perfectly healthy newborn cubs. Their mother, still recovering from the birthing, finds the energy to nurse them. She licks them gently and cradles their fragile forms in the warmth of her embrace. The soft feeling of her fur lulls them to sleep as dusk falls and the family’s first night is celebrated huddled together, the dim foyer of their cavern faintly illuminated by the stars.

    Seasons pass and as the cubs grow, so too does their territory. The expanse of wilderness that the mother considers her own extends into the unknown in her perpetual search for food. The two cubs wander off, away from their mother while she forages nearby. The usual thicket of bushes and trees gives way into an artificial clearing and the cubs encounter large red constructs that are entirely foreign to them. Naive and fearless, they investigate with all the curiosity that comes with their inexperience and youth. Not long after entering this fascinating frontier, they are approached by someone. It’s a boy carrying a bundle of twigs. Neither side harbouring ill intent, the boy drops the kindling and kneels as they approach him. He extends his hand out to pet one of the bears, who lowers his head in return to accept the gesture.

    A loud cry shatters the innocence of the meeting as a group of people people flock to the scene. He tries to stop them but a woman forcibly drags him away. The group begins to gather the largest stones they can find and attack the cubs with extreme prejudice. A few well-placed shots land directly against the bears’ developing skulls and the cubs become too disoriented to escape. They whimper and yelp as the mob’s assault draws blood. The sound of twigs snapping and rustling underbrush ushers the arrival of their mother. She crashes through the forest’s edge in no time at all, letting loose a terrifying roar that sends the humans running for their lives. As they flee, the mother takes no interest in giving chase. Vegeance is not a priority for her now – only the well-being of her babies. Her mind doesn’t understand the extent of the injuries nor how to treat them. She simply pulls her babies back into the relative safety of their secluded cavern. There, they lie mostly inert, their fur thick with red clots. Their breathing is shallow and the only thing their mother can do is keep them safe and warm.

    Two full nights pass before they make a sound. Not once did their mother leave their side. She makes a brief trip to gather some food. Staying close to the entrance of their home, she manages to unearth some grubs and gather a few meager berries. She’s starving but she presents the small meal to her young first. They’re famished and eagerly eat what’s provided. They’re slow to act and the lumps and welts on their faces distort their features, particularly their eyes. Their mother recognizes something is wrong, but all she can do is lick them clean of the dried blood as they finish their meal.

    Though days pass from the incident, the cubs never fully recover. One of them is permanently blinded in one eye; the other walks with a limp and can no longer turn his head properly. The mother allows them to follow her on their routine exploration, but she stays much closer to them, rarely letting them out of her sight for more than a few seconds. Their progress is hindered, but it’s a small price for the mother to pay to keep them safe. It’s a precaution that easily allows them to be found by a party of men looking to safeguard their own families. Armed with simple faming tools, they approach the bears. The mother wants to stand her ground but isn’t willing to risk her cubs. Picking both of them up by the scruff of their necks, she escapes the hunting party only to have them chase her down. She is corralled at every turn and driven back towards the town she had been trying to avoid. She finds herself trapped in a dead end as the men close in. She drops her babies to the ground and nudges them between a small gap between two trees, just narrow enough to fit them but unyielding to her own massive girth. Her cubs look back to her, confused. She urges for them to hide as she turns to face her advancing aggressors.

    The discord of shouting and growls instills a primal sense of fear in the cubs and they flee into shadows of the bushes. There, they hide until the sounds of struggle and conflict cease. Not willing to emerge until the sun sets, the cubs slink back under the shroud of darkness into the alcove where their mother had taken her last stand. However, she is nowhere to be found – only a large stone slab atop a mound of freshly tilled dirt. It stands more as a trophy than a memorial to the people who had placed it there, but such sentiements were lost on the cubs who were suddenly more alone in the world than they had ever been before. The only solace they find is laying next to the block until sleep inevitably takes them.

    Neither the break of dawn nor the sounds of approaching footsteps succeed in waking the cubs as they are discovered by the hunting party. The leader of the group, wielding a sharpened pitchfork, positions the tip of his weapon in preparation for a finishing blow against his sleeping targets. The prongs are wide enough to catch them both and he takes careful aim not to miss this opportunity.

    A youthful cry surprises everyone and jars the bears awake. A child runs past the group and shields the cubs with his own body. The cubs are startled but they seem to recognize the boy from before. He hugs them tightly as the cubs make confused growls in response. The party warns him to get away and admonish his behaviour but the boy shouts back at them, equally infuriated. The leader’s face seethes with anger, but he walks away along with the rest of the men. The boy continues to hold the cubs in his arms as tears stream down his face for all that had happened to these poor creatures. One of the cubs lap at his face as he whispers into their ears,

    “I’ll take care of you. I promise.”



    This little bears are so cute when they roam around the town… but whenever they appear angrily “ROAR” at my villagers. I so wanna take them out of the town so that they can have a better place to stay without Roaring at people staying angry and hungry, my villagers safe & happy. Preventing these cute little temper bear from turning into chest, keeping them safe and healthy.

    Ps: Maybe not feeding them turtles but something better … And let my cute turtles be friend with the temper Little BEARS!!^^



    I love these little bears. I wanted to purchase one at PAX, but the credit card terminals went down. Before I knew it, the bears all had a new home. Here’s my story:

    There were two little Triple Town bear brothers named Pox and Frys
    Who secretly wanted to be Ninja Bears.
    Oh, the horror — if their mother knew,
    The though would bring tears to her eyes.

    The two little bear often visited the town
    To frighten the innocent folks.
    They’d roar and shake and hop all about,
    And loved to hear people shout.

    One day while practicing their mad ninja moves
    They made scary faces at each other.
    Mama Bear preached that if they kept it up much longer
    Their faces would freeze. “Then who’d be a sad brother?”

    Pox and Frys snickered and continued their shenanigans
    Behind their mother’s back as they watched a show about a place called Flanigan’s.
    But sitting too close to the TV while making scary faces
    Resulted in permanent facial displacements.

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