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    When our first shipment of plush Triple Town bears arrived at Spry Fox HQ, we noticed that a few of them were a little bit… special. Some had eyes that were too far apart. Some had eyes that were not inline (one eye was an inch higher than the other.) Some had funny muzzles that were lopsided. They’re all still cute, just in their own unique way!

    We’ve been trying to figure out what happened to these little guys. Did they eat radioactive bush berries? Did they get ambushed by a crack team of angry villagers? Have they discovered “illicit recreational uses” for all that grass in Triple Town? The mystery is killing us. So we decided to run a little contest. Tell us your story about how these bears became so special. Post it here in the forums for the whole world to see.

    We’ll pick the best stories, and the winners will receive their very own FREE special needs bear! These bears are truly one-of-a-kind, so please don’t participate in this contest unless you truly love bears and want to give one a good home!

    The contest ends on October 7th. If you want to participate, please submit your story before then! There is no word count limit, you can write as little or as much as you want.



    First round of the adoption drive: two uniquely adorable twins, Pox & Frys!

    Pox & Frys!



    Many years ago in Triple Town, there was a beautiful family of bears. There were the four adorable baby bears, named Pox, Rich, Lucky and Frys, raised in the woods by their compassionate mother. Pox and his brothers were playing near a church, taking turns to scare the old priest who lived there, when their mother burst through the grass, shouting for them to get out of the way. All of a sudden, a huge bush sprouted from the ground, throwing Pox and Frys from their family. In a moment, it was all over, their mother and siblings had become a church. Panicked and alone, the surviving brothers, delved into the undergrowth to emerge at the nearby turtle farm. And here did they vow to never scare an innocent again. Upon arrival at the turtle farm, they realised they were just in time for the turtle de-shelling, their favourite! However the unsuspecting bears were blissfully unaware that the farmer was blind and when sauntering up to them he was not in fact welcoming them, he was planning to de-shell them too! Knife in hand, the farmer reached for the brothers, slashing left and right, leaving them horribly disfigured. Upon realising of his error, the farmer got to work on healing the bears with his expert surgical skills. What happened to the bears, you ask? They’re still alive today, carrying on the dear farmers legacy, and yes, drinking hot turtle soup.

    Written by Tom and Milly



    A long time a go, but still rememberd by the people who lived in Triple Town. When you walked in the beautiful forest of the little town you even didnt know where to look. The long, old threes.. The bushes with roses and the butterfly’s and little birds we’re flying. Little rabbits and beavers we’re running around. There were a lot of bears in the forest, you didnt need to be scared from them because they we’re really sweet! There were a two little cute baby bears. They named Pox en Frys. Their mother taked really much care of them and watched everytime what they were doing. They were obsessed from turtles. when they saw one they holled after them and their mom maked them stop. On a day Pox got trapped in a web. Mom and Frys panicked. Frys attacked with his claws to the web, he didnt wanted to got his brother stuck! Mommy bear run away to get Daddy bear. Pox got free but Mommy bear was gone! The sun was sinking down and it was getting dark. The two little brothers layed down, close to eachother and closed there eyes. The next day mommy bear and daddy bear waked them up! Everything was getting normal and they lived happily ever after in the beatiful forest from Triple town. they decided to stay close to eachother, no matter what ever happened. There we’re a lot of baby bears born. Triple town was official the beautiful bear town! Everyday they drinked turtle soup!


    Fiery Ice

    Back before Triple Town, there was a place in desperate need of a hero. Double Village.
    A villain by the name of Frys rose through the ranks of criminals. He became notorious for running around, stealing villagers’ turtle soup. No one knew how or why his muzzle was different, which made him even more intimidating. Each time he drank turtle soup, it seemed as though his muzzle curled slightly upward in satisfaction.
    Legend has it, Frys grew up with his twin, Pox, who frequently came home after some unknown activity (involving grass) slightly loopy. You could always tell by the way his eyes were offset. One day after he came back, he approached his brother with a knife. Pox cornered his twin, smiling with a crazy glint in his eyes.
    “What are you doing?” whimpered Frys.
    “I’m just having some fun. Why so serious?” grinned Pox.



    IS there a word count limit? This would be good to know.


    No word count limit! Write as much as you want. :-)



    thanks when is the deadline to get it written ???


    Good question! We’ll pick a winner in two weeks from now (October 7th.) I’ll update the original post with that information.



    ty for being so quick to answer gives me more time to contemplate and fabricate a likely story for Pox and Frys.






    Ohmygod i love bears! :D


    Kelly M.

    “Alright now, folks! We’ve got a lot of work to do before this place is ready for Her Majesty’s visit. Villages don’t build themselves.” The foreman shouted orders out to men and women who worked to clear land and bring order to the chaos of the wild forest. The village priest helped with building an addition to the church, even as he protested that it just looked like they were building a second church. A woman and her husband debated whether to plant a tree or a row of bushes next to their house. A group of laborers worked to break up and remove large stones that were blocking progress.

    “Somebody help me set this Imperial Bot down!” one of the workers called out. The machine would help with breaking up the stones, but it was heavy and no one dared let harm come to one. They were grateful for the queen’s support when she sent something like this. Buying a replacement bot could suck the small village’s coffers dry if it happened too often.

    Two men rushed to help gently set the machine on a wood pallet. “We can’t leave it here,” one of them said.

    “No, we can’t. My back’s about to break, though, so I say we take a break before trying to move the thing!”

    After the men walked away, two figures emerged from the nearby bushes. A pair of young bears were very curious about what the humans were doing. The first cub poked at the Imperial Bot. When it didn’t move, the second cub poked at it a little harder than the first had. The bot rocked a little. The bears walked around and around the bot until each of them settled directly across from the other with the Imperial Bot between them. The first cub pushed the bot toward the second! The second cub pushed back toward the first! The bot rocked back and forth, but always settled on its base.

    By the time the men came back to move the bot, it had finally been knocked over, rolled around, rammed into a stone, and there were a couple of bear cubs sleeping sprawled on top of it. No one looked forward to explaining to the foreman what had happened to the expensive Imperial Bot. The men threw a net over the cubs and drug them to the foreman as proof of their story.

    “And that’s what happened, I swear!” one of the men concluded the tale as the foreman frowned at him.

    “Bear cubs?” the foreman asked.

    “These same ones, sir.” the man said, pointing to the cubs who were working on chewing their way out of the net.

    “Let’s see these ‘vicious monsters’, as you called them.” The foreman kneeled down. The cubs stopped chewing the nets. The foreman stared at the bears. The bears tried to sniff the foreman. One of them stretched forward to lick the foreman, but fell back on its rear when the net wouldn’t stretch further.

    “Monsters, indeed!” the foreman laughed. He started untangling the bear cubs from the net. “These are just babies. No more vicious than a puppy.” The little bears crawled out of the nets and onto the foreman. “We do have a problem, though. It looks like they may have been injured by the bot, and I don’t know if we can send them back out there on their own. If the mother wasn’t near them, I hate to think what may have already happened to her.”

    One of the men spoke up. “Are you saying, sir, that we have to keep them?”

    The foreman set the bears down, stood up, and promptly found his leg being climbed like a tree by a baby bear. “All of us are far from home, trying to build a new home. I think adopting these bears would be good for the town. Take them over to one of the farmers. I’m sure they’d know what to do for an injured animal.”

    “What about the Imperial Bot, sir?”

    The foreman sighed. “Just this once, I suppose we’ll have to order another.”

    The bears were named Pox and Frys. They became the town’s mascots, though Pox always got nervous around machines after his first run-in with a bot and he couldn’t see as well out of one eye. He kept his eyes VERY wide open to focus on the world around him, and it made his eyes look as though they were set far apart on his head. Frys recovered from an injury to his muzzle, but there was some scarring. People in the village said his muzzle was “a wee bit croooked” due to the scars and loss of some bone. They were sweet bears, even when fully grown, but could be very territorial of the town and protective of the citizens. The town held a festival every year to celebrate the founding of the tiny village it had started as, and as a sort of birthday party for Pox and Frys.

    The ruined Imperial Bot was kept in storage for many years. The foreman thought they might need to show it as proof that it had been ruined. Later, a mayor thought maybe someone could fix it. It was forgotten as years went by. Eventually, the town built a museum. The sherrif came across the bot in a storage room and remembered the story his grandfather had told him about the bears and the bot, and why there was a statue of two bears in the town square. The dented, mangled Imperial Bot was given a place of honor in the museum.



    One day a triple bear named, Munch, was wandering through the forest. He was picking up crystals for his rock collection. You see, Munch was waiting for that special day when he would finally have enough to make a mountain stone filled with treasure. Mountain treasures are very rare in the world of Triple and take a long time to create. So, Munch was looking very carefully for his crystals and didn’t notice that he was about to walk straight underneath a floating castle! Now everyone in Triple knows that it’s bad luck to walk underneath one and as a shadow covered Munch he looked up and was startled. Unfortunately he had already been cursed with the bad luck and as he raised his head a piece of the castle broke off and hurtle down into his eye. He roared and shook his head, the piece of castle fell out but his eye still felt funny. He tried to reach a paw up to it but triple bears have notoriously short arms and legs. He needed to find out why his eye felt so strange and ran until he found a lake to look into. He leaned over the edge and saw that his eye was an inch lower than it used to be! “Oh, how could this be?!” He thought mournfully. Just as he was about to cry he spotted a cluster of something shiny in the shallows of the lake. He quickly waded in and bent down to pick up a cluster of a dozen or so crystals! He jumped for joy and did a little waddly dance. This may have been a terrible day for his eye but he had finally reached his goal of creating a mountain treasure and as he combined the crystals the joy on his face more than made up for his injury.



    Once upon a time long ago when Triple Town was just being settled there lived a small family of bears. Papa Bear and Momma Bear cared for their son Frys and their niece Pox and were wonderful parents. One day Frys was practicing crossing his eyes to scare his cousin when his mother said, “Don’t cross your eyes like that or they will stick that way.” Frys continued to chase his cousin around the house until he got bored and decided to make his eyes go out to the edges instead of toward the center. Papa Bear was shocked when Frys ran up to him and his left eye was stuck looking toward the left side. Papa Bear held little Frys until he calmed down and told him everything would be ok. Papa Bear reminded Frys about Pox’s eye and how after her mother passing away she had cried her left eye out and that slowly it was going back to the way it was before. “If she can do it I can to!” Frys was so excited he ran to tell Pox he was just like her and they could get better together. Pox and Frys were given the love and support they needed from their family to keep their spirit up and never give up, even after they never got better. They stayed together and were always talking and laughing especially about turtles which led them to start a turtle preserve for all the “special” turtles who needed extra love and attention after accidents. Frys and Pox lived happily ever after with each other and their turtles!

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