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    After playing this game for the past 3 days, I’ve learned something new every playthrough. I’ve also come to realise simple things that other players might’ve missed so I will cover those questions here. Keep in mind that this information comes from my own experience so do correct me if I get anything wrong.

    BEST ADVICE: Read Dialogues, Object Descriptions and Signs. They provide extremely helpful hints.

    1. Crafting

    a) Object you want to create isn’t being created even when you put all the required objects together.
    – Make sure the objects are connected properly (i.e. ONLY vertically and horizontally, NOT diagonally)
    – The objects shouldn’t be touching anything else that it has associated recipes with.
    – You must interact with one of the required objects at least once.
    – Recipes have a min/max number of objects to be joined. (E.g. [1 Racoon + 1 Campfire = 1 Racoon Stew] and [2 Racoons + 1 Campfire = 1 Racoon Stew])

    b) Complicated recipes might craft a different object
    – Some recipes might contain required objects that also craft something else. In this case, arrange the objects such that the last object that would craft the other recipe is placed last.

    2. Weather

    a) Why is the room still snowy?
    – There are various states of weather, ranging from sunny to blizzard. You can tell them apart from the overall visual vibe in the room.
    – Assuming the carried object doesn’t do damage to the Ranger,
    Sunny = -0 energy/step with object
    Snow = -1 energy/step with object
    Darker Snow = -2 energy/step with object
    Blizzard = -2 energy/step with object
    -1 energy/step
    – Certain objects will make the weather more tolerable when present in the room. One such object is the campfire.
    – Similarly, certain objects will worsen the weather
    – Example: A blizzard room would require 3 campfires to become sunny

    3. Potions

    a) How to transport them?
    – Potions break upon contact with anything that counts as an object, infusing them with its power.
    – Throw them against walls, making sure they don’t touch anything against the walls and they won’t break.
    – Throwing them through doorways will not cause them to break, even if they touch something in the doorway of the other room.

    4. Checkpoints

    a) There are checkpoints?
    – Yes there are. Checkpoints are the huge stone bowls you see each level. Offering a sacrifice “saves” your progress.
    – Take note that only your relationships with the townsfolk and the year number are saved. You lose all charms and inventory items.
    – Recipes and bannable items remain for every playthrough.

    5. Energy

    a) Why am I starting with less energy the next year?
    – Each year, you seem to start with a base amount of energy
    – 40% of your energy left after each year is added to the base energy
    – Finally, add the amount of energy you do get from NPCs
    – (Base Energy)+(40% of energy left)+(NPC Gift Energy)=Next year energy

    6. Banning

    a) I banned [object], why is it still appearing?
    – Banning objects only prevents them from spawning in the regular rooms (procedurally generated rooms)
    – They will still spawn in pre-set puzzle rooms because the puzzle won’t work without those objects
    NOTE: might be fixed in update




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