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    Good day, dear remaining Leapers.

    Now that there is a set date for the server going down, and likely the observer links with it, this should be the last chance to post some of the more impressive contraptions I had the honor to be part of.
    All of them are Dark Lorde maps in which the team decided to step it up a few notches and produce more than just ye olde black heart.

    So herein you will learn ways in which to bravely go where no flan has crafted bread before, should you be inclined to make the most of the remaining month.
    General recommendations for such a deed include a basic array of leveled recipes and a few valiant contenders for “most creative dessert” to take on the quest with you, of course.

    If you only have the patience to check out one of these, it should be this first one. We were quite proud of it.
    It was a leisurely one-month masterpiece between Delha, Garble, qubits, oscan and Flannigan.
    Here it is:

    You are looking at a map in which all three armor sets are forged. The shadow armor is processed into the heart, the dull armor is getting sold at nacso’s palace, the glowing armor at PureFoot’s.
    To fit all the needed shoppes into the available space, we had virtually no leeway to double up on infrastructure. This meant that if we needed two (or five) of one higher-order item, all of it had to be made in the same shoppes and then split with timing tricks.
    There was also no space to fill any sun shrines, so all the armors and the heart had to be made and turned in within the regular, non-prolonged leap day.

    It may be a bit hard to see what’s what, as the map is so busy, so here are a few cornerstones.

    – oscan covers the shadow earrings (sceptre + amulet) all by himself, producing an extra gunship (four total), separating it out for the glowing armor, on top of taking care of all our statue/bust needs (wood, porcelain, chocolate statue + ice bust). He was the first of us to churn out his part, too, in the timeline of the game.

    – Garble produces five death powders in record time. #3 just past noon, all of them are done and out 3/4 through the day. At some point it became a sport for him to speed them up just that little bit more. He also helps out with a small shield machine to the East of his palace.

    – Resident wizard qubits makes fifteen chairs (some of which are extras, and no, that was not his maximum capacity) and five rock hammers into three dull crowns on minimal territory, with an added dull amulet for good measure. He sends the crowns two different ways, and two of the hammers go on to the glowing crown shoppe. If you have ever made just a single dull crown, you can guess the magnitude of that feat, maybe.

    – I craft a humble two hearty meals, two hair elixir, two dull sceptre.

    This puts us – just barely – in the vicinity of the three armors. We are still short a glowing sceptre and amulet and a non-negligible number of shields. And then, not to forget about the key part:
    Someone has to take it on themselves to collect and combine all of the scattered components.

    Luckily, we had Delha, who, through many a long evening and several complete rebuilds of his entire territory, made and split stealth shields and shadow crowns and got us all the glowing components that were still missing, to carry the game over the finish line.

    And that is how it was done.

    There were two more somewhat notable attempts at spicing up the Lorde, which you will find below.

    Here, we spent a short week reminding the Lorde of who he used to be. In addition to bringing him his black heart, we allowed him a sideways glance at the flamingo he had once desired. You can see good WiseGel transporting it to his palace ca. 3/4 into the day.
    (The Lorde used to require a black heart and a flamingo in the incarnation of Leap Day before this one.)

    Our efforts to reunite the Lorde with his archenemy, Mister Jones, took a good two weeks – in addition to the heart, we made six flamingos this time. (Mister Jones was a map that has since been deactivated, it required six flamingos. But you can still hear the Lorde scream for Jones.)
    The observer link is centered on their delivery:

    Among other notable content, ca. 90% of shrines have been activated, by a single player, in a few circles of madness.
    If you take some time to glance around, you might see why we were not terribly happy with this game in the end, in spite of all the birds. There is much wasted space, much unintentional capping of our own resource accessibility, faulty distribution of who makes what, etc.

    It was after this game, I believe, that the will to play or at least to play seriously faded in the last few of us. Maybe there will be an effort to reunite for a last game or two this month, maybe it will not happen.

    Most of the members of this team have been at it since the start of the open beta, about a year and a half ago, and I believe to be speaking for all of us when I say that we enjoyed it immensely.
    Thankyou for good times, and take good care of yourselves.



    This is great!
    I joined the flan community a little late, so I never beat Dark Lord… :(
    So… if anyone is planning in try it one of these days, I would love to help! (I mean, if u want)
    I dont have all these fancy recipes on ultimate goodies, but I have some lvl 30 basic recipes (ore, spirit, perfume). I’m not sure if that is enough for one to help in such a task, but I would like to give it a shot.

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