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    You are no longer able to deliver input items to the output location of a shoppe any more. This used to be possible (to deliver input, then pickup output from the same loop) prior to the new release.

    Way too restrictive given the huge 4×4 size of shoppes, especially now that starting land is sooo cramped with no room to work (oh yeah, change this too so that we have room to work).

    If this behavior is by design, then you guys are way off, I’m afraid. If the intent is to make the game less confusing…this ain’t it.



    I agree. Though I’ve got to point out that shops are only 3×3, the castle where your prince is is 4×4. Still, not enough space between resources to be limiting us like this.



    Yup, sorry. 3×3 it is!



    This surprised me too, but then I realized it is nearly essential for shoppes that produce junk if you offer them something they don’t want. With that in mind, it seems sensible to make all shoppes refuse input at the output slot, rather than have shoppes act different ways (which would be even more confusing).



    Please expound upon that, how is it essential for shops that produce junk?



    Otherwise, if there’s a backup down the line, those shoppes could end up recycling that same junk back into themselves forever.



    That sounds like a timing/placement issue of other things and not that shop’s problem, to me.



    edit: though I suppose if you had a 2×2 loop in front of the ‘junk’ shop and were waiting on a second shop to be emptied for the good to be dropped off. Still this could be solved just by not allowing a good a ‘junk’ shop produces to be dropped back off and “junk-ified” rather than putting more limitations on us.



    Granted I learned on factories, which had separate inputs and outputs like this; still I like it this way.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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